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Yell is one of the North Isles of ShetlandScotland. In the census it had a usually resident population of The island's bedrock is largely composed of Moine schist with a north-south grain, which was uplifted during the Caledonian mountain building period.

Yell has been inhabited since the Neolithic times, and a dozen broch sites have been identified from the pre-Norse period. Norse rule lasted from the 9th to 14th centuries until Scottish control was asserted. The island claims to be the " Otter Capital of Britain" and has a diverse bird life including breeding populations of great and Arctic skuas. Notable buildings on the island include the 17th century Old Haa of Brough in Burravoe, a merchant's house now converted to a museum and visitor centre.

It is divided by only the narrow Bluemull Sound from the south west of Unst. As Penrith's guide to Orkney and Shetland states:. In addition to these large indentations, there are a number of tombolos connecting peninsulas to the island.

Many of these are very fragile, and can be damaged extremely easily by human erosion, or severe storms, creating new islands - or resurrecting old ones. There is more info little farmland, but the coast is conducive to fishing.

As Jill Slee Blackadder writes:. The island is still divided into the ecclesiastical parish Mid Yell and the quoad sacra parishes North Yell and South Yell. As with the Shetland archipelago as a whole, the island can be seen as creating a barrier between the northern end of the North Sea to the east and the North Atlantic to the west.

To the north east is the Norwegian Seaand the Arctic Ocean is several hundred km to the north. Attractions on the island include the Sands of Breckon composed of crushed shellsand the Daal of Lumbister gorge. There is little in the way of modern settlements on the west coast other than West Sandwickmainly because of the prevailing wind and the high more info that border much of it.

There are a few crofts along Whale Firthincluding Windhouse see notable buildingsand at Grimister there are the ruins of an old herring curing station, which closed just after World War II. The following islands surround Yell: Yell lies to the east of the Walls boundary fault, which is probably a northern extension of the Great Glen fault. There Plenty Of Fish Dating Site Of Free Dating Images Westies In Black three main faults that dictate the geography of Yell - the first is the Bluemull Fault, which separates Yell from Unst by creating the Bluemull Sound ; the is the Arisdale Fault which forms the northern part of Whale Firth, and extends south to Arisdale, and out of Hamnavoe; and the third is the Nesting Fault, which more or less creates Yell Soundand divides Yell from Mainland Shetland.™ Free Online Dating Service for singles

A fourth fault helps create Gloup Voeand there are some other minor ones. These faults may be seen as radiating branches of the Walls Fault, and were exacerbated by glacial activity. The island's bedrock is largely composed of Moine schist [7] with a north-south grain, a metamorphosed sedimentary rock originally laid down in shallow water 1, million years ago and then uplifted and deformed during the Caledonian orogeny million years ago.

The principal minerals are coarse quartzitequartz - feldspar gneiss [7] and mica schist. In common with the Plenty Of Fish Dating Site Of Free Dating Images Westies In Black of Scotland, Yell was covered in thick ice sheets during the Pleistocene ice ages. Some of the island's gorges, such as the Daal of Lumbister may have originally been created by ancient meltwater streams escaping from underneath retreating glaciers, and it is also thought some of Yell's lochs were originally damned by moraines.

After the ice melted the island would have experienced a large tsunami some 8, years BP associated with the Storegga Slides. There is also some evidence at Basta Voe in the north west of a more recent event of article source similar nature.

This covers two thirds of the island with an average depth of 1. Its main constituent materials are sphagnum mosscotton grassdeer grassheather and sedge. Read article is cut with a tushker a type of peat spade, akin to the Highland cascromand according to Blackadder "Yell boasts some of the best peat stacking skills in Shetland.

There is also some dune habitat near West Sandwicksomething pretty rare in the Shetland Islands; controversially, there has been some commercial extraction of the sand from this area, which may have had a significant environmental impact. There are various possible derivations of the island's name.

It may originally have been a Pictish name of unknown meaning similar to the modern 'Yell'. The Proto-Norse was Jala or Jela which may have meant 'white island' referring to the beaches. The Old Norse was Gjall signifying 'barren'.

The name was also recorded in as "Yella". Yell has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. In legend it was made by a giant placing one foot here and the other on the Westing of Unst. Twelve broch sites are known of and fifteen early chapels.

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One of the brochs is Burra Ness Broch. Only part of the wall remains, on the seaward side. This reaches around 3 metres 9. There are traces of earthen ramparts on the landward side, and remains of a structure which may have been a guard's cell.

Plenty Of Fish Dating Site Of Free Dating Images Westies In Black

Yell's placenames reveal the presence of the Celtic Churchwhose hermits were known to the Norse as papar. However, it is unclear whether these names are all pre-Norse, or whether these Christian co-existed with the pagan Norsemen after they invaded.

There is evidence of an early Culdee monastery at the Birrier in the west of Yell, near West Sandwick. A cross slab from North Yell may also be from this period, but it has since been lost. It is presumed to be like the Bressay Stone. Yell Sound is mentioned in the Orkneyinga saga: Strong and contrary winds sprung up, and they brought their ships to Alasund Yell Soundand went a-feasting over the country. In the later Norse period Christianity flourished and foundations of 20 chapels dating from this period have been identified.

The primary Viking legacy is an abundance of placenames of Old Norse origin. For example, "Dalsetter" is a combination of dalr meaning a "dale" or "valley" and setr meaning a "hill pasture" or shieling. Although most of Shetland's Hanseatic trade was conducted from ScallowayBurravoe was one of the most important of the other Hanseatic centres in the archipelago.

In the 17th century, the Dutch East Indian Ship, Lastdrager was wrecked on Yell, and the survivor, Jan Camphuis wrote favorably of his experiences on the island. He noted the generosity and kindness of the islanders to him while he was there, which he believed was disproportionate to their poverty.

Crutwell in the 18th century said of Yell that "the inhabitants have plenty of fuel, catch immense quantities of small fish, and live comfortably. Johnny Notions successfully carried out early smallpox inoculations on Yell in the 18th century, at a time when many other places remained sceptical. In the New Statistical Account the minister of Fetlar and North Yell noted that although smuggling had almost entirely disappeared the local population had "fallen into an abominable habit of smoking tobacco".

There is a memorial to them there now. Germans have claimed that during the First World War their Continue reading used to shelter in Whale Firth — this is possible because of the very low population of the area. During the Second World War the Luftwaffe bombed the post office at Gutcher in an attempt to disrupt the communications system. Seven of her ten passengers were killed and one of the propellers can be seen outside the Old Haa Museum.

Just after the Second World War the old herring curing station at Grimister closed; this was to be one in a long line of economic difficulties including the loss of fishing. Between and Dr Robert Hope-Simpsona GP, carried out painstaking research [27] establishing that shingles is the reactivation of previously acquired chickenpox varicella virus.

In a Soviet spy ship sank off Yell; the wreck was found by Lieutenant George Wookeywho had also investigated the wreck that inspired Whisky Galore in the Outer Hebrides.

During the s Yell reached an impasse.

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It was in that the Orcadian novelist Eric Linklater said that Yell was "the problem child of the archipelago" [29] due to its economic link and burgeoning depopulation. Some Yell people do commute to work at Sullom Voebut as this appears to be a declining industry this does not hold out hope for the future.

Inwhen Windhouse was renovated, skeletons were found under the floor of the building. The following islands surround Yell: Chris Asd February 14, As Jill Slee Blackadder writes:. I was contacted by 23 fake accounts within the time I had my account, and that's 12 hours.

Unlike neighbouring FetlarYell never suffered large scale clearances, only some local ones, and has long had multiple ownership. The coastline of Yell includes numerous voes narrow inlets where otters and various seabirds are common.

Brown trout can be found in the inland waters.

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Yell claims to be the "Otter Capital of Britain". The shore is low-lying and the peaty soil is soft, making it ideal for excavation burrows. The long days in summer also make spotting these largely nocturnal creatures in daylight more likely than on the British mainland.

Grey and common seals are also regular visitors to Yell's coast. Normally these creatures only live on the pack ice. The island has its own subspecies of field mouseas do some of the other Shetland Islands, and Hirta in St Kilda.

A population of Arctic ternsknown locally as tirricks stress on last syllable; an onomatopoeic wordmigrates to Shetland from Antarctica during the summer. As swallows are sometimes seen as harbingers of summer elsewhere, in Yell and Shetland, it is the tirricks or terns that fulfil this role.

Other birds that regularly visit Yell include great and Arctic skuasvarious ternseiderwhimbrelred-throated diverdunlingolden ploverclick the following articlelapwing and merlin.

Yell has many of the usual plants found in northern European moorland, especially heather in abundance, [7] including two carnivorous plants, the butterwort and the sundew. Lichensespecially Ramalina species, were the most commonly found plants. The gorges in the island, such as the Daal of Lumbister provide an important environment for some of the few trees on the island, since they are untouched by sheep grazing.

In the gorge at the head of Gloup Voedog roses and honeysuckle can be found. For example, it is known that 40, years ago, before the advent of the last Ice Ageand probably any human habitation, that oakScots pine and Mediterranean heathers were growing here.

The remains of these plants have been preserved in layers of ancient peat, which were in turn buried by the boulder clay left by glacial moraines. The service is operated by two ferries— Daggri Norse for "dawn"launched in and Dagalien Norse for "dusk"launched in The ferries travel to Unst approximately every half-hour during the day, and to Fetlar a few times every day.

The journey to Unst takes ten minutes, while travelling to Fetlar takes 25 minutes.

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There are two main roads, the A and the B Despite being a listed A road, it is single track in some stretches with passing places. It runs along the south coast of Yell, and up its east, and part of the north east too.

The stretch from Mid Yell to Gutcher is replaced by the A, but it recommences after that. Yell's industries include fishing, fish farming, farming including commercial strawberry production in polytunnels[7] mainly for the Shetland marketpeat cutting, transport and tourism.

Cullivoe had a new deep water harbour built in[9] but the general decline in fish stocks in the North Sea and North Atlantic has not made it useful to fishing.