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Was Jesus a Mushroom? Prof. John Rush interview (excerpt)

The Sacred Mushroom: John Allegro and the Fertility Cults

18 Feb Video from The Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, John Allegro, is probably best known for his extremely controversial book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross . I've made several attempts to read this book, but it's difficult for a layman to. A Christian View of the Mushroom Myth. King, John C. (). London: Hodder and Stoughton. ISBN: Description: Hardcover, pages. Contents: 15 unnumbered chapters. Excerpt(s): When I first read Mr. Allegro's book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross I had never heard of the fly agaric, or amanita. 11 Nov The work is inspired by John Marco Allegro's controversial book, The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity Within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East — a book that when first published in , was thought “dangerous” to Christianity. Many scholars of.

Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked

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You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the ebook in it or something. I feel that you simply can do with a few percent to force the message house a little bit, however instead of that, that is magnificent blog. I will certainly be back. Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. Contrary to popular opinion Wasson in Forte, ; Ott: See the following sources: February 15, no. Sunday Mirror series by John Marco Allegro: For he not only argues the non-existence of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, but claims that Christianity itself — as well as Judaism and other religions of the near and Middle East—are no more than hangovers from an ancient fertility cult.

Expert The author of this remarkable book is year-old John M. Allegro, lecturer in Old Testament and Inter-Testamental Studies at Manchester University, and a philologist—a student of Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked and language. Allegro told the Sunday Mirror yesterday: They are a literary device to spread the rites and rules of mushroom worship to the faithful.

The controversy it will arouse must certainly lead to furious and acrimonious debates and schisms that will divide, not only Christians but Jews, Mohammedans and others whose religions have their origins in the areas covered by Click to see more. It is a fundamental challenge.

To many it might suggest not only that there was no Christ or Moses, not only-to use Mr.

From this ancient tongue he believes came the language of the Bible. And so, he says, we no longer have to take the New Testament story at its face value. We can trace the proper names and words used in it back to their true and original meanings. But these conclusions are the result of purely scientific dispassionate research. This led me to a study of the ancient Semitic languages — including Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic—and I became progressively more interested in the language and less link theology.

From my work on these texts, the next step was a re-examination of New Testament names and titles, and to the realization that more lay behind them than was generally appreciated. And this book is the result. Why are they handling it? Says their managing director, Mr. It came from the sky to make things grown, and in his simplicity he came to believe that somewhere up above him was a mighty phallus in the sky, and that rain was his semen that Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked down to fertilise the womb we call earth.

From this innocent reasoning all the religions of that area were born—the ancient cults of the Greeks and Persians, Judaism, Christianity, even Muhammadanism. All had their origins in this basic idea of a heavenly phallus. Once man had worked out his theory about Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked Thanksgiving Sim Logo Anime rain, he thought he could help to stimulate rain in much the same way as he did orgasms on earth; by singing, dancing, orgiastic displays and, above all, by performing the sex act—particularly in the fields, where the sacred semen was most needed.

He had earlier begun training for the Methodist ministry, but had left to pursue the degree course when he found that studying biblical languages was making him question the foundations of his Christian beliefs. Close to the end, I decided I'd gotten Allegro's point as well as I could expect to, and any further reading would merely confuse me further. To a reader brought up to believe in the essential historic truth of the Bible narratives some of the attitudes displayed in my approach to the texts may seem strange. It deals heavily with ancient languages, religions, and drugs, so if you're interested in any combination of those things, I totally recommend this book. Either Jesus was the same substance being as God, or he was of different substance.

It was then a natural step to want to share the secrets of how to control the power and knowledge of the heavenly phallus. Over the centuries there were those who experimented with herbs and drugs and, as I shall show, came upon one drug that really seemed to transport them out of this world into heaven. But this knowledge was not to be shared indiscriminately. If god was jealous of his powers, so were those to whom he gave this glimpse of divinity. Paradise was Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked the favoured few.

And so there arose the priesthood with its secret preparations and ceremonies that had to be observed before the chosen ones could take the drug—rituals that gave them great powers over the rest of the community.

Rarely, and then only for urgent practical purposes, were those secrets ever committed to writing. Normally they would be passed between the priest and the initiate by word of mouth: Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked if, for some dramatic reason — persecution, or the disruption caused by war—it became necessary to write down the precious names of the drug, the manner of its use, and the secret incantations, it was written in a secret form.

A code—hidden in a story containing puns or some other word play. The key which unlocked the secret is philology — the study of words and language.

John Marco Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - 40th anniversary edition

Recent discoveries about the origins of the language of the Old and New Testaments—Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek—have revealed to me that from very early times the original meanings of the words and stories were lost or misunderstood. Christ, for instance, far from being a real person, is now shown to be merely another name for the drug plant.

Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked

One of the occasions when the secrets of the drug cult had to be written down was after the Jewish revolt of 66AD. Jerusalem was ravaged, her temple destroyed. Judaism was disrupted and her people driven to seek refuge with communities already established around the Mediterranean coastlands.

The mystery cults found themselves without their central fount of authority, with many of their priests killed in the abortive rebellion or driven into the desert. The secrets, if they were not to be lost for ever, had to be committed to writing—and yet if found, the documents must give nothing away or betray those who still dared defy the Roman authorities and continue their religious practices. The means of conveying the information were at hand, and had been for thousands of years.

From the earliest times the folk-tales of the ancients had contained myths based upon the personification of plants and trees. They were invested with human faculties and qualities and their names and physical characteristics were applied to the heroes and heroines of the stories.

The names of the plants were spun out to make the basis of the stories, whereby the creatures of fantasy were indemnified dressed, and made to enact their parts. Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked


To tell the story of a rabbi called Jesus, and invest him with the power and names of the magic drug. To have him live before the terrible events that had disrupted their lives, to preach a love between men, extending even to the hated Romans.

Thus, should the talk fall into Roman hands, even their mortal enemies might be deceived and not probe further into the activities of the mystery cults within their territories. Christians, hated and despised, where hauled forth and slain in their thousands. The cult well nigh perished. But the hoax became link trap we call Christianity. Above all the cult forgot, or purged from their memories, the one supreme secret on which their whole religious and ecstatic experience depended.

The fungus recognized today as the Amanita Muscaria, or Fly-Agaric, had been known from the beginning of history.

Though the Church at the start was quite smart; she Got distorted and solemn and starchy. Less Spending, More Revenue. Such is the life of a martyr. So, despite everything we had previously thought, Jehovah was a fertility deity, and not, as commonly supposed, a desert god implacably opposed to the nature gods of Canaan and their sex rites.

Beneath the skin of its characteristic red and white-spotted cap, there is concealed a powerful hallucinatory poison. Its religious use among certain Siberian peoples and others has been the subject of a study in recent years, and its Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked and depressive effects have been Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked examined.

These include the stimulation of the perceptive faculties so that the subject sees objects much greater or much smaller than they really are. Colours and sounds are much enhanced, and there is a general sense of power, both physical and mental, quite outside the normal range of human experience. Although it grows only in certain climatic conditions, the Amanita Muscaria could be dried and transported long distances by cult here. The mushroom has always been a thing of mystery.

The continue reading were puzzled by its manner of growth without seed, the speed with which it made its appearance after rain, and its rapid disappearance. Its drug was a purer form of the heavenly spermatozoa than that discoverable in any other form of living matter.

The drug was God himself, manifest on earth. To the mystic it was the divinely given means of entering heaven: God had come down in the flesh to show the way to himself, by himself. So far I have not backed these statements of mine with proof.

Ancient World Review: The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross

Let me begin by explaining article source I set about my researches. It now appears that this ancient tongue provides a bridge between the Indo-European languages, which include Greek, Latin and English, and the Semitic group which includes Hebrew and Aramaic. For the first time, it becomes possible to decipher the names of gods, mythological characters — classical and biblical — and plant names.

Thus Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked place and functions in the old fertility religions can be determined. Stories and characters which seem quite different in the way they are presented in various locations and at widely separated points in history can now be shown to have the same central theme. Gods previously considered as widely different as the ancient Greek Zeus and Jehovah can be seen to embody the same fundamental conception of the fertility deity, for their names have precisely the same origin.

Suddenly almost overnight, the ancient world has shrunk. All religious roads in the Near and Middle East lead back to the Mesopotamian basin — to ancient Sumer. In biblical studies, as far as the origins of Christianity are concerned we must look not just to inter-testamental literature, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and the newly discovered writings from the Dead Sea, nor even merely to the Old Testament and other Semitic works.

We have to bring into consideration Sumerian religious and mythological texts and the classical writings of Asia Minor, Greece and Rome. Above all, it is the philologians—the students of language—who must be the spearhead of the new enquiry. It is primarily a study in words. The earliest writings was by means of pictures, diagrams crudely incised on stone and clay. However lacking such symbols may be in grammar or syntax, they do convey in an instant the one feature which seemed to the ancient scribe the most significant aspect of the object or action he is trying to represent.

To seek their later meanings in religious literature like the Bible go here must first discover their basic meaning.

To have discovered this is not just of limited academic interest—its original meaning lies at the root of modern Catholic strictures against the Pill. So language is important. Because of it, identification of the main characters of many of Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Debunked old classical and biblical mythologies is at long last possible.

To a reader brought up to believe in the essential historic truth of the Bible narratives some of the attitudes displayed in my approach to the texts may seem strange. The inquirer must begin with his only real source of knowledge — the written word. As for as Judaism and Christianity are concerned, this means the Bible.

There is precious little else than can give us details about what the Israelite believed about his god and the world about him, or about the real nature of Christianity. They simply bear witness to the fact never in dispute that the stories of the Gospels were in circulation soon after 70 AD—after the revolt of 66 AD.