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What it's like to date a Cancer man

Characteristics of a Cancer man

5 Aug The good, the bad, the Cancer man. So, you've caught yourself a Cancer, huh? Right off the bat, you should know, there's a reason their symbol is a crab. With the first sign of complications or confrontations, they will slide back into their shells. This is a very sensitive man, and that's not necessarily a bad. 20 Apr A man born under the sun sign of Cancer is a very complex machine indeed. Learn all about his personality, turn-ons (and offs), and which signs he's compatible with. Oftentimes with a Cancerian man, you'll have to make the first move because they have such a fear of rejection. Show him that you care about the same things he does, such as home, family, beauty, and romance. Don't come on too strong, but be somewhat aggressive in your pursuit. He needs to know that you're really .

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Darkside Of Cancer Man In Relationships

If you want to sweep someone off their feet, know that this is the sign for you. Cancer women are the definition of the woman waiting for her knight in shining armor. She loves romance, intimacy, and being openly cared for. Cancer men will be romantic and courtly, lavishing you with gifts and coy praise. Though they move slowly, romance is in their hearts. Cancer needs to be shown that you are the real deal. In order to get the ball rolling, you'll need to give it a push first.

Dating a Cancer man

So grab your white horse and get to trotting. Cancer, in all its dynamic glory, is worth it. Get to know them. Because Cancer is such a cautious sign, it will serve your relationship best to get to know here before you demand any higher level of romance or intimacy. Becoming friends first will allow them to slowly fall for you. Cancer is a very physically affectionate sign.

Complement your relationship with small touches, hugs, and subtle -- yet significant -- displays of affection. Warm them up to your touch.

Dating a Cancer Man - When you Fall in Love with a Cancerian Guy

They'll love to reciprocate. If you're a girl, you might need to make the first move instead of waiting for him to do it. If you're a guy, be aware that she might have to take more time than normal before she is ready to kiss you.

This doesn't mean they're not into you, it just means they need to be drawn out of their shell! Never ask them out in public, as this will make them feel nervous. Ask them out in private. Invite them on a casual, yet fun, date. Nothing with too much pressure or too many stigmas. Just because someone is a Cancer doesn't mean they can't have fun. Try taking them to the beach or swimming pool, since this is a water sign.

Because of his guarded nature, he may be afraid to move too quickly. These two water signs come together emotionally, like crashing waves, for a deep, churning, tumbling kind of union. If you offer them a declaration of love, they'll take it as a declaration of love.

Don't bother with games. Cancers are super intuitive when it comes to people and their motivations, so don't waste your time playing hard to get, cat and mouse, or any other variety of mind game.

They'll see right through you and know you're not being genuine. Cancers, if they feel comfortable, will be direct with you. They need you to be direct with them, too! If you're presenting an image around them or trying to be mysterious, they will not be having it. They're super good at reading people, so don't even think about hiding your emotions!

Make them feel at home. Cancers are huge on family and feeling at home. Generally, they prefer staying at their home, but if you can make them feel comfortable anywhere, you're in.

Let them know they are a part of your home and have free reign over the territory, too. Talk to them about your family. They'll take solace in knowing that you two are of like minds.

Family is very important to them and nothing will ever change that. Accept that your Cancer is old-fashioned, traditional, and loyal. These aren't bad things! In fact, they can be quite positive. When you nab a Cancer, they will be loyal to you to the moon and back. They expect you to be the definition of romance: Nothing wrong with that! When it comes to getting them in bed, they may be a bit vanilla. More romantic and sensual than spicy and exotic. But if you get them to trust you, they will be willing to open up their world.

Don't come on too strong, but be somewhat aggressive in your pursuit. I see him everywhere I go in the office. Cancers put a lot of weight in words.

As long as you show them it's safe! Know that they may have trust issues. Though trust issues are really a human thing, Cancers usually come with them right outta the gate.

What To Expect When Dating A Cancer Male

They want to trust others, they just find it hard. Especially with their great memories and their ability to hold grudges because of it.

However, they love to love others, so it's very much so a give and take. This is probably Cancer's main drawback. It can be hard to crack their shell. But if you're willing to put in the work, it can be totally worth it. You'll find a soft, sensitive core that will put you above everyone and everything else. Realize that Cancer needs to be needed. If this sign were given one label, it would be "nurturer. So be willing to lean on them! They thrive on it. Be open with your needs and they'll seek to fulfill them.

It makes them happy! Let them take care of you when you're sick. Talk to them about a problem when one pops up. Ask them their advice for an issue at work or with your friends.

Heck, let them cook you dinner! Pretty good trade, huh? Get ready to be supremely cared for. Cancers are the most nurturing of all the signs. If you want a relationship that's more of the anxious and avoidant type, Cancer is not for you.

They learn more here love showing you romance and affection. Hopefully you can reciprocate! This isn't What To Expect When Dating A Cancer Male say that they're clingy.

What To Expect When Dating A Cancer Male

While they can be, it's so genuine it's hard to hold it against them. They just want to be around you and show you how much they care. If only everyone loved like a Cancer can!

Don't play hard to get -- Cancer will probably think you're not interested and don't care about them. If they seem to be feeling a bit insecure about themselves or the relationship, don't more info to comfort them.

They'd do the same for you! They will not tolerate a temper on your behalf. If you get angry or upset at the little things, they'll think you're not being rational and seeing the big picture. If you get too angry at them, they'll think you don't care. They can be quite sensitive when they feel vulnerable.

Mean what you say. Cancers put a lot of weight in words. If you offer them a declaration of love, they'll take it as a declaration of love. So mean what What To Expect When Dating A Cancer Male say.