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Debbie in LA: Viral Video - Ep. 9

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15 Apr If you’ve ever been on the Internet, you’ve probably seen Debbie, the crazy eHarmony cat lady. Her video for the online dating site went viral and now has almost 28 million views. In the video above, The Pet Collective (aided by some HuffPost Comedy editors’ expert cat. For example, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, ) has discussed literacy not just in reference to View the following video showing a student named Nathan who has difficulty with word recognition: ( Rsogren, ). Smarter CATS BLOG with "SCATS" - Smarter Citizens for Accountability in the Town & Schools .. The test requires student teachers to submit video of themselves teaching, along with written reflections, proving they can plan, execute and assess a lesson." .. SCATS ~~ Why not just tell us WHAT the bid date is for!?.

I'll be blogging about my experience attempting to "Go Gradeless. December November October September August Why are we doing this? Is this question meant to be horrifying? Has something gone terribly wrong? A connection not made? There are doubts being raised just as the difficulty begins to incline. Or is it a question we should encourage our students to ask all the time? Have I not been explicit or have I overestimated their knowledge gap? I was introduced to the method in my undergraduate art education courses.

But it also deeply resonated with me as both an artist and a teacher. A "Big Idea" is something that affects humans all over the world and are at the core of any way of knowing it seems. Of course, artists are inspired by all sorts of things and for all sorts of reasons. No artists work can be reduced to a single idea. Rather than reductive, Big Ideas should be seen as connective, offering viewers a point of entry.

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And Big Ideas can help any age group relate to the work of artists - attempting to answer the simple question: In preparation for this new semester, I was able to identify and collect Big Idea lists and resources for art and some of the most common disciplines like social studies, science, math, and literature, which I provide students online.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples think Big Ideas relate naturally with Backwards Design and that is usually how I begin planning a course. I start at the end. What kind of person do I want to leave my classroom? What do I want them to know and be able to do? What do I hope they will notice about the world? How will they see it differently?

What dispositions will they internalize? And then I go backwards from there. What kind of person will you be on your article source What do we need to do to get there?

All that is step 2. The course title is definitely the same.

While there was nothing being turned in and nothing going on in class that day that the students would be held responsible for later, I was delighted when I saw that every student except for two recovering from surgery had chosen to attend! The training module provides a system for organizations to administer and track employee training HumanWay www. How much of the puzzle do I put together for them?

I want my students to demonstrate artistic thinking and to grow creatively - to at least not be afraid of it or avoid it. And to do that, they must experience creativity for themselves. So far this semester has been tremendous, but tremendously busy before it even started! Maybe you can relate? And the pacing is dramatically more reasonable! My major goal for this new class was to include more art experiences and we have definitely done that!

Each class so far has been at least half artmaking! So aside from more art, my biggest practical goal was to not fall behind the calendar on the first day of class again. And we did it! For TWO whole classes this time! Maybe their responses with me is enough? But some unlucky ones may never have another opportunity to learn from a visual artist and about what it means to make art, be creative, and see the world through an artistic lens.

So I squeeze in some things in and let them make the connections on their own. Each art experience was slightly different but shared the qualities of open-endedness, socializing, and thinking through materials and media. One of my main artistic goals is for students to see how art can bring people together and help them connect with each other.

The first day, the goal for the here half of class was reviewing the syllabus and trying to get the students to buy into the going gradeless approach, which is critical. The next day, I introduced our main project, creating and presenting an art-integrated lesson.

We reviewed the guidelines and the provided template. The third day, we discussed creativity during the second half of class. This week we continued our discussion on creativity and dived into Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples Ideas.

And we hit our first bump in the road. I Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples them of the analogy and told them that their assignment this week would simply be to choose a Big Idea from the art world and the non-art world using the lists provided. We review that they explored the Big Idea Identity as they worked on their collages the previous week.

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We go into the Lesson Plan Resources folder to pull out examples and practice combining them. I choose one from science - that all matter in the Universe is composed of tiny particles - that things are composed of smaller parts - and ask the class to see if they can connect it to a Http:// Idea from art from a list I display.

They mention community and family.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples

What I wish I had said, and will say next time, is how students of course can create their own illustrations for books. But the student seems lost.

It was nice to see the time we spent in class talking about artwork paid off! Another artwork was too complex to be adequately unpacked. If you do, that seems like simple plagiarizing, which is academically, artistically, and morally dishonest. What candidate will love that job?

Is their conception of learning always start with a bit of content rather than a concept as so many do? Pick a thing and teach it. But I want you to teach a lesson that combines art with a subject you love. Just as long as long as YOU can see a connection.

But in those lessons, all the choices have already been made for you. In the textbook, all the choices have already been made for you. But I want YOU link make the choices - to make the connections for yourselves. To not know the destination - but that is part of being creative. To be uncertain and able to move forward. To step into discomfort. To make something, when it is easier to copy or just give up.

There was some tension this class. It is a common anxiety among my students based on their responses. Am I battling against perfectionism?

I know my writing is. Afterwards I felt deflated.

Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples

Then I remember back to the first art education class I taught. And then the tears. Youtube Cat Dating Video Submissions Edtpa Examples was completely caught off guard. I had never imagined that this would cause tears. But c hange can be hard. The students had never been asked to do something like this before and a couple that were further along in the program were experiencing a tiny breakdown about learning a new approach.

This would not do - but we had to work through their emotions first. I had to calm their elephants before their riders could listen. After a lot of talking, reassurance and practice, they got it. But I saw the necessity for a better approach. I had seen where visit web page bar was before I had arrived. When I was reviewing the Portfolios that had been submitted by prior student teachers - I was floored.

I found binders stuffed with lessons printed directly from the internet. They saw a loss of autonomy whereas I saw a raising of standards. Effective programs were already asking their students to create lessons and record videos of themselves and assess those plans and reflect upon their performance in the classroom. But not all teacher prep programs were requiring their students to perform these basic teaching tasks. What I did resent was how the cost was passed onto the students and how coordinators had no say in the process.

The concept of Big Ideas is new to them. I had asked for a head count of anyone that had been used Big Ideas for curriculum design in the past. So this is completely new for them. How much of the puzzle do I put together for them? This is a continual struggle for me.

Is see the connections - when will they?

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Maybe it will just take time. Show them how a Big Idea can serve as a starting point for Backwards Design. So do I show them an example when I want them to surpass it?