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Save time and effort Maybe you're incredibly busy. Maybe you just aren't handy with tools. Maybe you don't know that when you buy a car stereo from Crutchfield, we include a vehicle-specific wiring harness that you will have to connect to the wiring harness that comes with your car minimoving.infofield now. Grand Design Reflection Series RK Call me (Tristan) & set up a time for a tour. show contact info I also have a BW 5th wheel hitch for sale if you need to install it in your truck to pull this beauty out of After posting a video of the water leak on the Heartland website did they get interested in fixing the leak. How We Use Cookies: This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience and to deliver advertising messages and offers on the website that are relevant to you. To read more about the cookies we use and to change your settings see our Privacy Notice. Please enable JavaScript to use this.

Have you owned one of these? Search RVs For Sale. Tv wiring all not properly done right. Propane bottle leaked out all of it due to regulator, had to find rv store to get new onepanel next to fridge is buckled out and came loose from wall, affects the half back also. We think slide out is out of whack somehow. Pantry door swings open in transit and all drawers come out bouncing I can't imagine how drawers stayed togetherbut husband had to fix bottom of all drawers cause "staples" weren't holding.

Takes an hour and a half and clothes won't spin water out, and drier won't dry clothes after 2 hours. Bed is king and us almost impossible to make up every morning. There's more, I'm running out of room We've had soooo many things go wrong we've had to fix ourselves because we are on the road.

On the final inspection my wife and I discovered six items that needed to be fixed. That was the first red flag, as we sat for 3 hrs. We finally got home and discovered the beginnings of a growing nightmare. The front closet mirrored door had fallen off the track, due to the fact that out of 15 screws holding it up 4 actually was screwed into something solid. The screen door would not latch.

It appears the door frame is wider the then screen door. The living room tv has a large gouge in it. The safety wire that keeps the tv from swinging out to far didn't work. Someone swung the tv to far causing the safety cable to rip out a shelf That it was attached to.

I've been told that I have used to many characters. I haven't gotten to the "Good stuff yet. Main screen door is so poorly aligned that the screen door won't catch on the lip of the door. They mistakingly installed carpet in the living area and caught it, so had to pull it out and put the tile in. Too lazy to pull the pad, carpet and staples out from under the side where the fireplace is. It's tucked under the overhang so you can't see it. The bottom side of the fifth wheel has gaping holes where the front jacks appreciation, the metal from the side should be connected to the bottom with adhesive and screws Dishwasher leaked at the drain, satellite system Where Can I Get Hookup Sites wired wrong, deck rails were installed in wrong location so they moved it and never fixed the holes, cabinet doors hitting each other, I can go on and on.

No pride in their work whatsoever. Found screws that hold patio latch were twisted off Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse over tightening, light switch to accent lights hidden behind tv!!! Just dissatisfied with overall quality workmanship.

I had a that I traded in which I no issues with. The quality of the interior is subpar. There is absolutely no quality control at Grand Design and I know this because we have had 4 major issues since purchase 6 months ago that would not have happened had they had a QA department. Screws come out every trip. Awning covers don't work well.

The screws fell out of the large awning causing it to fall apart and rip the material. My fear is the unit comes back with the same problems as they just don't seem to understand that when things expand and contract with the kind of movement they continue to do so. My old Avion no longer met my needs, looked for toy hauler to replace it. I cqan see Why.

Quality control is nothing for Forest River. I have had it 2 weeks and camped 4 nights and would love to have money back. My ratings are The attention to fit and finish is second to none.

Storage could be bit larger but then you just haul more and bedroom a foot wider. Grand design may have the best customer relations on the market. It is a full time unit as well. Also noticed how low the shower area is, almost have to bend over to take a shower and I'm just a hair under 6' tall. Like the layout and ease of use of the automatic leveling system. This RV is definitely not a high quality unit, the support from the factory when you are a new customer is terrible, you get an answering machine and never a return call.

I've Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse researching fifth wheels for quiet some time and the RES Germany Site Top In Hookup Ten everything my wife and I was looking for, luxury, separate living areas and the most shortage that I have yet to find in other fifth wheels. I would definitely recommend this unit In fact if you read the beginning I said I recently owned one after my first long trip I had an accident and total this unit so I went back to researching and I still can not find another fifth wheel to meet all my needs except this model so I will soon will be purchasing my second solitude RES.

Since then, numerous minor and major electrical issues have plagued my ownership. From circuit boards on max aire fans, to volt Romex wire connectors under the stove shorting out and almost starting a fire, this RV has been a severe disappointment.

Manufacturer has allowed a technician to come to Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse and make repairs, read more has yet to fully reimburse me for those expenses when they said they would. Came close tohaving a fire. Now I am taking it in to a dealer to go through the electrical system and repair. Meantime, I am out of my part-time residence and will have to find a hotel.

They are a joke. We are out on a trip. Fuses don't match index. Fender skirts almost impossible to keep on - I will fix myself. Other items just eating at me.

For what this unit costs, it should be Turn Key premium.

Capacitor foil orientation

Front ac was wired to a 15 amp breaker instead of the normal 20 amp. Allowed the 50 amp cord to get hot and melted the rear bathroom sink drain. Found the underbelly was filling with water and that is when I found the melted pipe. The rear grey water has a leak on level tap. Rear bathroom bathtub drain had incorrect gasket which leaked and ruined insulation. Replaced gasket and insulation. Dvd player had a bad rca jack to tv had to replace.

Only had two months We just went through 2 at our dealer. They switched the Honey Cherry cabinets to Maple. Now they look like all the other RV.

Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse

The other one had dark Cherry but the fireplace and desk are different. We have decided not to order now and wait for more reviews. They have raised the price for the and taken a step backwards on their quality. The refrigerator now the slides it's been in service for longer than we've owned it,sad that original keystone sold out it used to be quality not quantity. Something that should have been an awesome experience has turned into a nightmare for us.

I have a two week old pile off junk. Jaycos only concern is mass production and Quality is the last of there concern.

Sunday, September 24, To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. I think the ideal cheapo tester would be a piece of wood with two alligator clips mounted on the wood. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Cable not hooked up DVD not hooked up flooring not right kitchen table to close to the windows so shade cannot be raised.

Those are minor problems but the air conditioner is a nightmare ,the vent is right over the end of the couch and is so loud you cannot talk or watch tv and you would need a winter coat on to sit on the Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse. We were told by the repair service that the reason it keeps coming on and off is because that vent has to stay open. The air conditioner in the bedroom never worked and had to be replaced right from our first trip.

All that money and it is unbearable to use I check this out that old reviews are positive but now they are very bad. The quality of the rig was extremely poor. The front door was warped. There was a leak in the basement that couldn't be found. The mode switch on the refrigerator did not work so you could not switch to propane operation.

Aiken Hookup Site Video 2018 F-150 Fuse

The auto level function did not work properly. The rubber seal on the kitchen slide came out. The metal hose in the shower left a mark on the wall.

There was no switch to put the hot water heater on propane although it was plumbed for propane. There were paint stains on the steps, the handle, and the outer window by the steps.

The control panel was behind a door that opened the the wrong way. The fuse panel was low with a door that opened up that required you to lay on the floor to see the panel. An outlet on the island was placed so that any plugs for appliances had to cross in front of the drawer.

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There was no faucet in the shower, no toilet paper holder, and no link bar in the bathroom. The exterior decals were sloppy and had gaps. The directions for the auto leveler were on the top of a door that opened up making the reader assume a kind of limbo position to read it. After six weeks, we traded the rig in for another model.

Quality is very good.

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