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CAPRICORN: Don't Commit To Someone Unless They Have THIS Relationship Skill [Capricorn Man & Woman]

Aquarius and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

In ancient esoteric astrology, Saturn ruled the signs of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Thus the Capricorn man and Aquarius woman have a secret connection. Saturn is the most conservative planet, while Uranus, modern-ruler of Aquarius, is the most progressive, the most revolutionary. Sometimes you find them combined in. Includes: • Aquarius women and capricorn men romances • Compatibility issues and obstacles • Appreciation and understanding • Making it work. Capricorn is earthy cardinal and Aquarius is airy fix. Both are adjacent to each other in zodiac. Capricorn man is conservative whereas Aquarian woman is innovative.

In ancient esoteric astrology, Saturn ruled the signs of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Thus the Capricorn man and Aquarius woman have a secret connection.

Saturn is the most conservative planet, while Uranus, modern-ruler of Aquarius, is the most progressive, the most revolutionary. Sometimes you find them combined in an individual like Abraham Lincoln, who epitomizes the best qualities of both, but sometimes you find a rather conservative Aquarius, such as Ronald Reagan. This can be a great — albeit serious — match. They were using special means for dating long click these sites became popular.

Aquarians are able to reach out to people of like mind using the invisible plane of vibrations in a process akin to telepathy. It also works to picture clearly the person you have in mind in a process called creative visualization which was invented by an Aquarian. In other words distance is no problem. You can have what you want. Just use extra-sensory means.

If any sign would bring out romance in an Aquarius woman it Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man be a Capricorn guy. He is so old-fashioned as to be quaint. This touches her heart in an uncharacteristic moment of tenderness. They may also find it helpful to play beautiful music while courting. Aquarius men are highly sensitive to musical vibrations. It is really their favorite language and it can certainly be the language of love. If you want romance, play Chopin.

If you want passion play Rachmaninoff. Speaking of passion, this sensory oriented experience Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man be approximated by these two if accompanied by music. It lowers the high Aquarius vibration down into the lower chakras where energy is transmuted from mind to sex. Aquarius do a lot of transmutation of energy. Aquarius women talk endlessly about friendship and elevate it to an ideal over romantic love, and even agape but Capricorn is actually one sign that might be able to turn into a real friend.

He and his girlfriend did brake up. I feel he does not feel bad for the wrong things he does. After Libra left me at the bar at my place of work on new years eve to hang with friends. Still, I do have some traits I've picked up. He looks at me with big brown googly eyes and I feel so overwhelmed.

There is a puppy-like quality to a Capricorn in the presence of relaxed others. Like the little dog yapping at the heels of the Aquarius Fool of the Tarot deck, they can be great traveling companions. She reaches for the visionary limits while he trots along with four feet on the ground. This makes a good marriage, particularly in very young or very old couples, or those not planning on having children.

The relationship has a studious, productive, practical quality to it that makes for a good partnership. Aquarius is the idealist.

Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man

Capricorn is a realist. Together they can set the limits for what is really possible. Also as I mentioned both of these signs are basically conservative in nature and they do honor the collective advantage of legal marriage.

Capricorn is slow and cautious, conservative and sure to follow all the rules — also because he is shy and afraid of rejection. Her mind is pretty much bound to always be elsewhere but she does appreciate his attentiveness when she here to think about it and she also enjoys the fact that he does not pressure their friendship into more until she is good and ready.

Having sex together is a way of staying grounded. It is an important day-to-day bond between these two that adds flesh to the vision, so to speak. Their world is full of possibilities. They are chasing rainbows and building castles in the air. Capricorn is an ardent and lustful lover while Aquarius provides the imagination and playfulness that keeps it lively. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man am an A woman in love with an Capricorn man….

Details aside, sex is through the roof, I cant even begin to describe it…its simply mesmorising. I know here he loves me because if nothing else, that I can see and sense from his behavior when we are alone together or amongst other people.

Nevertheless, I have noticed that he lies a lot so I have trust issues with him. He talks sweet and promises a lot of things but when its action time, he does nothing or the opposite of what he was saying earlier.

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman

And of course, he will argue back and come up with thousands of valid excuses but at the end of day, after a while, he has become so predictable that I am slowly but surely losing interest in him. I am extremely patient, tolerant, and forgiving and it definitely took me a source to distinguish BS from an honest excuse from my Capy man…………….

He wants things his way, when it suits him, if I confront him, he becomes very deffensive and sometimes rude…. I know other capy men and one thing they all have in common is intentional mental games for their own amusement, little that they know, mental is where Aquarian woman lives and if the mental game is too tiring for her, she will eventually stop playing……….

I do love this man to death and I know that he loves me, I have never loved another man this way, but as Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man mentioned in one of the above postings, there is no point….

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I am sure that every relationship of this match is very unique on its own, but there is one thing for sure — Capricorn men are very charming, sexual, and confident, but there is a devious and insecure side to them as well which can be a big turn off after a while.

I have grown very tired of the inconsistencies. I love him so very much but cannot continue with his mental games. I am a true Aquarian woman.

I have been talking to a true Capricorn Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man for about a month in a half. I am good friends with his sister and his mother has accepted me as part of the family. The family says I am his next girlfriend and some say I am Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man girlfriend.

His sister says when he really likes someone he takes his time, but if he dint care he would just one night me and never call again. We have had quite a few long nights sitting up talking sharing our own ideas and opinions of any subject that comes up.

I do prioritize, by giving him his space, but also letting him know I am still here at the same time. Capricorn man here and was rejected by an aquarian female. So heres how it happens. One night on school campus alone with her after class we had some conversation going on and one topic she brought up that got me really fustrated.

I have been trying to ask her out on a date but there has been bad timing and bad days. Well thats okay for me beause i wad already prepared for the answer.

But that here the case that got me hurt. She told me she was seeing this person that i know and had a hunch this whole time. So accepted my fate and died inside.

I felt empty inside like i had no heart this whole time. I still say click and talk to her on campus but i felt like im drifting away from her because i dont want to deal with the gut who has been rubbing it onto me when hes around her.

He called me out made fun of me front of everyone in class. The best i can do is try to stay focus improving myself further. But my days has been getting worst like as if god had given me another challenge.

My friends and families are trying to convince me to stay friends with her and be there for her when she needs help. But I want to dissapear for good and forget all the times i spent with her as a good friend. Hello, this is super new to me. Which means I am a Capriquarius, Capricorn-Aquarius cusp. My personality traits are more of Aquarius. He approached me first and so I responded instantly. I thought he was very handsome, well put together, he has a great job.

The first date seemed to go well, he later text me right after he dropped me off and based on the texts he sent me he seemed physically and mentally attracted to me. He kept shaking his left leg and that made me uncomfortable where I then started to shake my leg I have add and anxiety disorder btw.

That made me even more nervous.

Aquarius Woman Hookup A Capricorn Man

I wish I knew what was going on in his mind. He began to be on his phone, and answer a few texts. I called him out on it because I thought that was rude so then he stopped lol We were only there for about an hour tops because he was complaining that he click work in the morning blah blah blah, he never once tried to kiss me or hug me at all, even at least in his car!

They will choose their relationships on the same grounds when it comes to long term commitments and rarely allow others to control them. None the less we truly enjoy each other and have learned to appreciate our differences. There's both positive and negative quirks about our relationship.

Did something I did turned him off? Was he playing hard to get?

CAPRICORN: Don't Commit To Someone Unless They Have THIS Relationship Skill [Capricorn Man & Woman]

Was he waiting or expecting me to kiss him? I mean come on! After he dropped me off, even his texts were weird, like it was sarcasm throughout the text messages so I stopped replying. I could also be a bit mean and he would tell me that he can handle it. The fifteen years later she finds me again. She has a kid now and we started talking and then dating. The aqaurius woman I am attached to is a jan 31st b day and older than I am with 2 kids.

We originally met at a bar in one state and instantly and had an instant connection. A year or two later we were in communication and 4 states away discovered we lived a town apart from each other. Here and there for a couple of years we would see each other and get together. We had a phone conversation about how much we actually thought each other through the years and have always felt like soul mates and would be together.