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This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable. The Onion interview by David Wolinsky.

look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping….part 9 | the sunday experience

How about decluttering, closet organizers and feng shui? So many inexplicable obsessions. Ps John Stewart is hot. As a white person with a white wife, i identify with nearly all 47 items. There are not really 49 things here. I just found your website and look forward to review its accuracy and providing peer review.

I am heartened that others are adopting a scientific approach to the study of White People. It seems they are either a person of color who knows white -amerikan culture very well, a mulitracial person like myself, or a very attentive, extremely analytical white amerikan.

Also, in a reciprocal bout of intersite promotion, Catsandbeer.

Have you been following me? This stuff IS kind of yuppie. This is a great insight into how consumerism, political correctness and too much trendiness creates laughable behavior. Wake up fellow white people. This is the kind of stuff that Frank Zappa used to sing and write about.

This kind of self-scrutiny is desperately lacking these days. To lump all people with limited melanin and European facial features seems kind of silly.

Please remind me again how stereotyping people based on the relative dark or lightness of their skin is funny again… I must have forgotten. This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes continue reading tension.

This is one of my favorite sites ever int he history of the internet. Of course some of it hits close to home I mountain bike and Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Rewriter Tool Shed mocrobrews. But unlike a good chunk of people who do these things I have a sense of humor about the pretentiousness that surrounds it.

And judging by the sub 5 second 40 times of the people behind lemons, Free Hookup Sites For Local Singles factor site, it is obvious that they are not white.

Just added you to my blogroll and will check back often. I have topic for yo:. White people love to think they are cute and funny in some way. Thank you for an informative site. As a nonwhite person this blog has helped me to understand white people better, and as a resident of Oakland, Ca it has helped me to understand the entire city of San Francisco. I feel this newfound insight will help reduce how often I yell at white people. Have you considered stand up comedy? If I were a dog, I would be called a mutt!!!

Black people are funny, Asians are funny, Indians native and otherwiseAmish are funny, Spanish are funny!!! We are all funny!! Are we supposed to be serious all the time!! God has a sense of humor- how could He not have one- just look at yourself!!! White people like to sugar coat negative thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Men must not express feelings. Sex is sort of beat around the bush and operates under some form of abstract oppression.

Drink milk and then smell like it. Are focused on the outside and materiality. Will usually go along with what an employer wants good or bad.

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Rewriter Tool Shed

They like to feel like they are in control, nosy, questioning the obvious………………. Other than that I absolutely love this site, these liberal creeps do display such contradictions with everything…I love the holding high diversity but sending their ids to private schools. These people needs to get to work and contribute to society. Nothing racist about this blog. You keep it up. That was some of my white coming out, over analyzing. I love how people are getting nitpciky over the name of the site.

As anyone heard of free speech? If you dont like it, dont read it! Should I take it to mean Americans? Besides, who wants to be isolated in this wonderful world? I plan on never leaving my hometown here eating potatoes and cabbage for the rest of my life.

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We also tend to skip using a washcloth — either soap directly on the skin or one of those funny looking sponge things. This was pretty damn funny. Two white people sent me a link to this blog today. Though I fulfill 11 Asian Girls, I grew up with too many white kids and unfortunately too much of this blog applies to me. White people including myself love this blog! So, I totally think this site is hilarious.

It just makes a stereotype, and sometimes such as in this case stereotypes can be damn funny. I like your site. Golf has to be added.

Uncovering the Secrets of Ireland's Ancient Breweries The odd mounds have long mystified archaeologists. I can't even find one on eBay so they're obviously quite rare and valuable. Though I fulfill 11 Asian Girls, I grew up here too many white kids and unfortunately too much of this blog applies to me.

Not to mention the thousand dollar golf vacations. It just feels too forced. The older ones are great, the newer ones…not so much.

State forest

The following exchange ensues:. After pleasantries Why are you outside? Admitting to liking things that are supposedly embarrassing, like Britney Spears or Disney sitcoms. It was way better then. Glad to amuse the other races! Article source sense of humor is pretty broad, but white bashing is getting kind of cliche.

Say what you want. Maybe we do deserve it. This is the reason racism will never die, because race humor will never die. The longer you trash liberalism will bring about the day black managers will downsize your division in favor of outsourcing to the third world your jobs. White people like foreign and exotic art in their homes. Preferably from their time in the Peace Corps. This is very, very funny!

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Rewriter Tool Shed

Let me get you started on the conservative thing I am one. Conservatives like to drink beer from the bottle — it makes them feel rugged.

It is a select few white beaurocrats who will ultimetly pay for this crime. Keep on keepin on. Assad Seif, head of archaeological research and examination in Lebanon, said this includes layers of Ottoman, Roman, Persian and Hellenic civilizations. Oops a little political methinks.

Even conservative women like to drink beer from the bottle because that proves that they are not stuck-up, which of course they are and rightfully so. The things you list are merely stereotypes which exist for all races, ethnicities, whatever… and people like you acknowledge, and thus perpetuate them.

They could make a site about what black people like, but it would just be called: White people love me. They want my black ass to go free. Shit, those white people are source. Sure, I plugged a pig, but who cares, right?

White people worship me. They hang on my every word on NPR and prison radio. Keep on keepin on. Get off your ivory tower and find better things to do with your time to sit around judging people. Do white people enjoy sunshine and the laughter of children as well? I think a lot of the list is about being a read article middle class USA citizen of a certain age since, although I am white, the majority of the posts had nothing to do with me, and many of them described people I know in another country where I have lived for 29 years, and those people do not speak English or look at all white.

But at least now I know why I do not Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Rewriter Tool Shed understand the new white people that show up here and they are always trying to explain to me something I have no idea about.