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1 Sep The program includes a free HR toolkit to help other companies build a recess perk, track employee participation and calculate return on investment. Goal- setting pays off, suggests a study by researchers at the University of Georgia in Athens, who followed 1, employees at eight U.S. Home. This decreases the odds of getting a solid hook-up. Ideally, the bait should run true, meaning the overhead arm and the hook are vertical during the horizontal retrieve. Spinnerbaits with spinner blades attached on separate in-line frames are relatively free from torque-induced roll-over and, consequently, achieve higher. · Next. User avatar. Draconigena: Posts: 1: Joined: Fri Apr 21, am: Location: Athens, GA If any fellow ATL burners know of groups/contingents I can hook up with, please let me know. New friends . V this is a link to a tribe group for fire spinners maybe you can meet someone there if you don't here.

Tell me about You Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya. I've been to many Pagan gatherings and a few regional burns Transformus! As you can imagine, I'm excited beyond belief!

Yeah, BM is a blast Stop by The Bar a thread under "Open Discussion" to chat in pretty-quick-time with burners virgins to vets about ideas, thoughts, and questions. Yes, be very VERY excited. I'm a computer programmer, acid techno and drum n bass musician, tarot reader, pervert, and designer.

I contribute to a article source open source projects, and make all my music available under a CC license.

I am but one of Many. I'm currently working on all sorts of PC related stuff, the kind of stuff which would be boring if not for the variety, timetable generation for universities, hellish stuffopengl database querying, dynamic web design, intelligent information aggregation, whatever.

I paint, draw, sculpt, create jewlery not the crafts kind and all in all don't get very much sleep. I'd probably like to meet you, hi in advance, and hope that I do. Johnette and me went to elem sch and jnr high together.

My name is Christine. We read to each other before falling asleep. The next days were filled with wobbly steps, tightly held hands and many firsts.

She remembers singing Ave Maria in choir when the teacher cried while Steve Porcaro Toto smacked the bottoms of the girls in front of them. I on the other hand, remember singing Traces of Love in choir, which to this day makes me cry and there's no logical explanation for this emotional reaction, which is really bitchin re: I like it when the hair stands up on my arms and my neck tingles as reaction to specific chordal progressions and melody.

I like to laugh at intellectual responses to music. My original music here unlike my original orchestral music tends to sound like Brahmsian lullabies morphed to goth eclected to 'other' -- or maybe what Brahms or Chopin two depressed Romantics might have composed if alive today and attempting to write pop songs persish the thought If you like, go here to listen to a couple of shitty demos of it: I hate here music, meaning I always love to play music, but enjoy recording only if someone else is pushing the buttons and crap.

But I'm also reclusive massive understatement so have this portable recorder-burner and was messing with it by myself to create the above Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free recordings. The result is shitty because I'm too lazy to get into editing, which is vital because the nature of my music is rich harmonically etc.

Give me a live gig any day over the studio.

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free

So I will tell you that I have been transformed by my first Burn last year, and am happy to say I have been in a Fire Performance Group for a year now. Am looking to correspond with other Fire performers Preferably female and trade moves and techniques.

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free

No, really, I did stumble onto it. I look at the cover and see Tattoo rave at burning man! Now I am intrigued. So I guess I should introduce myself. Let see… I am 27 year old male from Hagerstown, Maryland. My motto is to live it not read it.

With that being said I really do enjoy all aspects of life and try to participate in what I can. This is in Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free why I am writing here, I want to be a part of Burning Man. Now, I just need to do it. So I am off to find a mentor to take me under their wings and guide me through my first Burning man experience. Hope to see you there. It could make the difference between having an incredible time and being air lifted to a Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free.

I strongly suggest making friends with others who will be attending the eventthere are regional groups in most areas and particular interest groups on line. My name is Peter. I am interesting in Living life to it's fullest.

Heard about Burning man a few years ago. Learn more here it up today. A community with no comercialism. Where gifting is the currency of the day and art is all around.

Sounds like the place where I should be. If I can get a ticket I will be there this year. Hope tickets are still available when I have the cash. Have some Ideas for gifting but it requires more thought. Dance in the heart of chaos. No worries about the tickets. They'll be available up to Thursday of the event. But they get progressively more expensive as time goes on. Hang out here and read all you can.

And don't be afraid to ask questions. I will not worry about getting a ticket as you say they will be available.

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Hope someone will sell me one of the cheap ones though, cause right now two pennines look like a mountain of cash. Besides, I really do like peanut butter sandwhiches. D Saw in your profile that you like blacksmithing.

While it is not exactly blacksmithing I have dabled a little in making Medieval armour. Have most of a full set of armourers tools scattered between here and Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free. Keep thinking learn more here I oughta get 'em out and make something. Just had a fine Idea. Have to get out the beverly shear Well we shall see.

Jeezus Keereist, I have a corporate desk job and a k This life makes me feel old and used. I think BM is part of the cure for that. I love conservation work, and don't mind cleaning up after other people's children adults includedvery used to that.

I have a chemistry degree, and homebrewing skills - I can't figure out yet how to make, store and then transport enough bottle-conditioned homebrew halfway across the continent for a week of constant gifting.

Health Scare Turns Out to Be a Blessing - Modern Love - The New York Times

I also dig small scale metal sculpture with brazing, like making masks and stuff. All agents defect, and all resisters sell out. That's the sad truth, Athens Georgia Hookup Free Article Spinners Free.

See ya on the Playa. I heard whispers about Burning Man long ago, but I didn't decide to start looking into it until I saw the short documentary on Google Current television.

Everything I see on this site feels more and more like a calling to me, like this was a dream I had and forgot about until it became real and found me out, on my couch, waiting for what? I hope I can figure out a way to go this year. I don't know if it will happen-- I'm low on dough and a few minutes away.

I'm going to be there, though. It's impossible for me to not go as soon as I can. I write stories, and I am a political organizer on my college campus and for young people statewide. The state is Ohio, and the campus is Ohio University read more Athens.

The small mountains here are beautiful, and the weather has been ridiculously beautiful this spring. But the long winter's dry enlightening is wearing off, and the spirits are burdened by burdens.

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I source not know Nevada. I would like to know Nevada. I will know Quebec City this summer, where I continue reading be studying French. I do not understand birds. Thanks for everything already. This online experience is warming. I cannot imagine the heat. I look forward to giving stories and anything I can, and I will dream of your creations until we meet!

Hi my name is Spacelotus I look forward to getting to know the burning man community. My first burning man was and let me say like so many that it changed my life. The inspiration and direction I received has lead me to live life with a goal of happiness and pride in knowing how to live with honor and peacefulness.

I then attended , and now will be returning in We brought people and a great camp called Bop Camp to the esplanade.

Unbeknown to me, I had already experienced 50 percent hearing loss in my right ear, and my facial nerve had been engulfed by the tumor. I hate recording music, meaning I always love to play music, but enjoy recording only if someone else is pushing the buttons and crap. Thanks for everything already. One whole years worth of fundraising and bringing people together in Chicago and to have it all work out in Black Rock City is a dream come true but to have found my soulmate in and to have married her in hawaii in is the greatest story one could ever tell.

I had the honor with friends to have built a large camp and a club called the Indigo and let me say through all the hard work and troubles that camp was the greatest achievement for all of us involved.

One whole years worth of fundraising and bringing people together in Chicago and to have it all work out in Black Rock City is a dream come true but to have found my soulmate in and to have married her in hawaii in is the greatest story one could ever tell.