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Grindr is the world's #1 FREE mobile social networking app for gay and bi guys to connect. Chat and meet sexy, attractive and interesting guys for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA for more features and more fun. The newly redesigned Grindr is now faster and hotter than ever: • See up to guys on our location-based grid. 6 Jun Traveling, status updates, and long-term dating are in. What's driving the new generation of gay digital dating?. With SCRUFF, meeting guys is fun, friendly, and sexy. We don't lose your messages and our app doesn't crash. SCRUFF is the top-rated* gay dating app thanks to rock-solid reliability, expressive profiles, powerful chat, album sharing, and a diverse community of more than 12 million gay, bi, trans, and queer guys.

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Best Gay Hookup Sites And Apps

Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Chat and meet sexy, attractive and interesting guys for free, or upgrade to Grindr XTRA for more features and more fun. The newly redesigned Grindr is now faster and hotter than ever: Click for even more? Grindr XTRA subscription features include: What are you waiting for?

Tell us what you think about Grindr by visiting http: Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited. Messages arrive hours later if ever.

In big cities with many users I can't log in for hours. The app is heavy and uses a lot of resources. It occasionally shows that I am in Suriname, Mozambiqe or Greece and Best Gay Hookup Sites And Apps is no way to chage that until the app decides to change it, usually a few hours later. Now I have many chat friends from these places, but I kind of prefer meeting guys in Iceland where I live. Shocking amount of bugs especially messages showing undelivered when they actually are.

I used to really enjoy this app but in the last day or so, grindr has started banning me for supposed "spamming". However, on the ban that just happened, I had literally only been talking to 3 people in the space of an hour.

I don't see how this is spamming because in total I couldn't have sent more than 10 messages. This has happened numerous times and it's gotten in the way of plans I had made. Please can you fix this issue because it's really inconvenient and click at this page. Men of color photos won't get approved they discriminate! I half to edit my pictures to look white in order for them to get approved.

Best Gay Hookup Sites And Apps

They say there not racist but they have a standard! We half to stand up to this kind of hate! This app is garbage. Does nothing but crash and full of ads. Now theres forced ads. The developers reply but its so basic, they are not here to help. They try too hard to sound like they are concerned, by responding with emojis lol.

Im finally going to delete. The photo approval on this app is ridiculous. People with the same picture idea gets approved then when you submit a picture it's rejected. This could be a great app but it's not.

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The amount of pics you are allowed to download is stupid too it should be more. Keeps deleting profile information and what position I am really frustrating having to re type every other day. Conversations I have on my phone do not carry across onto my pad like scruff hornet etc.


The picture quality is getting worse too this app downgrades your picture quality so you can't make out features. User reviews Tihomir Rangelov February 13, A Google User February 11, Grindr LLC February 14, Grindr LLC January 15, Brandon Chester February 6, Im finally going to delete Full Review.

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Grindr LLC February 8, John Cartwright February 7, Andrew Wood February 4, Location search is useless. Drop pin where you live and it shows guys over 30km away first. You have to scroll through too many distant guys to see local ones. No confidence in this new feature.

See Scruff for how it should work. Grindr LLC February 5, Matthew Daves February 13, Customer service agents work around your issue and take days to assist after asking tonnes of unrelated wuestioms. Bizarre rules, most unlisted. Biased developers, and an obvious unwillingness to assist in making things right. Grindr LLC February 13, Error One February 10, What's the point oh making it Best Gay Hookup Sites And Apps when you have to pay to even type!!!

And I love how all the honest bad reviews are hidden. Phuong Le February 4, They're very greedy and provide the worst customer service, so I decided to cancel my extra account because I don't want to spend my money for this bad app and bad customer service.

They even didn't care when I canceled the membership, and they acted like they'd give their customers a big favor to use their app. Nicola Lang February 12, However, you should add a feature which allows the user to remove people from the list, so to make space for new ones. Secondly, I don't receive any notification about new messages until I open the app. This makes Best Gay Hookup Sites And Apps a bit ineffective. I love the app but push notifications when you get messages or taps would be nice!!

I do hate how you can see that someone's offline until 10 minutes after writing them, it should show almost immediately if they click to see more off, please fix this probably the most irritating thing about the app Full Review.

The developers reply but its so basic, they are not here to help. The newly redesigned Grindr is now faster and hotter than ever: What are you waiting for? It's okay so far Full Review.

This app used to be the gold standard now it is full of robo fake accounts, drug users, and the ads that pop up especially the videos hold your phone hostage. I recommend that you not only not download this app but you run be afraid be very afraid. Grindr LLC February 10, Mike Hsiao February 13, There is this one guy who I reported and blocked multiple times and he makes a new profile on average once a day and harasses me.

It's absolutely disgusting and annoying that there isn't anything to block people from doing this. Glen Swinburne February 2, Pics in gallery never load. Takes around 10 open and closes to get them to appear.

I sent the report via Google Play Services. I live in lagos Nigeria. Keeps telling me to enter a valid email address and password.

This app had gotten more and more buggy as years go by. Albert D'Orazio February 9, Just wish they added push notifications and more profile views or at least unlimited deletions and favorites. What is the point of adding the "discover" feature if it's solely for paid subscribers?

It's a waste of space Full Review. Grindr LLC January 26, BCh February 1, Now are you lowing the resolution to the pics we uppload? Every day is getting worst! Grindr LLC February 2, Razvan Ghinia February 4, My phone is asking me to uninstall this app. Grindr LLC February 6, Echo Grey February 3, App used to be pretty decent. Now there are to many bots. To top it off the ads are annoying and way too frequent for me. Daily I'm finding reasons to uninstall. IThe app kept messing up freezing and suspended my account.

It's not a good app.