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Is Anal Sex Ever Pleasurable for Women?

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11 Nov When you have good collaboration, you will notice her body opening up naturally where the tension turns into exquisite pleasure. Final Thoughts We are all learning how to do it safely, ecstatically and painlessly every time. Does anal sex require some getting use to? Of course. Is there an art to it?. 16 May “I personally did not enjoy trying anal, I thought it hurt like a bitch and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I was kind of confused because it felt tighter, but since we were having normal sex first and he didn't warn me he was going to put it in my ass I honestly . Porn has ruined sex for women. 11 Oct Anal sex causes orgasms. At least 10 women have posted comments in Slate to say that they like anal sex. Five of them say they get orgasms from it. These women aren't porn artifacts, nor are they trolling for sex. Many are explicitly partnered; most are using full names. Others who enjoy sodomy are raising.

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Is anal sex enjoyable for women? Are you at university? Answer these quick questions and feature in TSR's next article!

15 Women Confess What Anal Sex Is Really Like

Start new discussion Closed. Wade- Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Wade. Follow 1 I personally don't see why it would be because as far as I'm aware there are no pleasure zones inside a woman's anus but does anyone want to offer first hand experience to answer the question?

Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 2 Robbie Follow followers 0 badges Send a private message to Robbie Follow 3 Bassetts Follow 15 followers 14 badges Send more info private message to Bassetts. Follow 4 There are women out there who enjoy it.

I would say most women don't enjoy it though. Follow 5 It's kinky - I don't think women without a kinky side would enjoy it Do Women Like Having Anal Sex much, although they could take enjoyment from their partner 'happy'. For those with that side, yeah, it can certainly be enjoyable.

The data Table 4, page strongly support this. Nearly all women who reported anal intercourse in their last encounter said they engaged in other sex acts, too. This is a macho inversion of the love theory.

Follow 6 Well, they seem to enjoy it a lot in porn so it must be enjoyable for women! Follow 7 I know lots of girls who have done anal once.

From what I know though, only one of my friends does it regularly.

Do Women Like Having Anal Sex

Oats Follow 2 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Oats. Follow 8 I know a couple of girls who love it and are able to come loads from it, I'm not so keen on it which for a guy is slightly unusual. Follow 9 Follow 10 I'm sure some women enjoy it but all the women I know who have tried it don't tbh.

Follow 11 I've never seen the appeal for it. Why would I want to put it in there? It is literally an inch away from where it's designed to go Follow 12 For some women, yes, I imagine it is. Follow 13 It can hurt all girls. There are some girls who can thoroughly enjoy it though, depends how they are put together. Follow 14 Probably G-spot stimulation by the back door the same as how men get off from it. That explains why some enjoy it and others don't. I wonder if anyone has ever done a correlation between liking anal sex and having vaginal orgasms?

Do Women Like Having Anal Sex

In other news, I've no idea how people even get it in there, I know there's lube and everything but half the time I have enough trouble with the vagina Follow 15 Follow 16 Kabloomybuzz Follow 29 followers 16 badges Send a private message to Kabloomybuzz Visit Kabloomybuzz's homepage!

Follow 17 Yes, when its done right, it can be very pleasurable. That doesn't mean all women will like the feeling though. Original post by Wade- I personally don't see why it would be because as far as I'm aware there are no pleasure zones inside a woman's anus but does anyone want to offer first hand experience to answer the question?

Follow 19 Original post by RabbitCFH Well, they seem to enjoy it a lot in porn so it must be enjoyable for women! Yeah its enjoyable, very very different from normal intercourse but i still love it Whilst intercourse can be intimate, anal is more kinky and still have the passion, its the Do Women Like Having Anal Sex slow and then the build up which is enjoyable.

I want to remove the stigma from anal sex and show how women can enjoy it immensely. Want to learn more about The Psychology of Human Sexuality? Some readers think my analysis was too transactional—women aren't doing it just to please men—but they agree that the orgasm precedes the act. I have someone who appreciates me for me.

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Do women enjoy anal sex? Ask Mistress M

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