Gossip Girl Serena And Nate Hookup. Cleveland Hookup!

Hookup Gossip Girl Nate Serena And

Gossip Girl 6X03 Promo - Serena and Nate Back Together?!

'Gossip Girl' recap: Serena and Nate can't stop having sex!

19 Sep By Season 6, it was impossible to keep track of the once and future flings between the core group of Blair (Leighton Meester), Serena (Blake Lively), Dan ( Penn Badgley), Chuck (Ed Westwick), and Nate (Chace Crawford). Despite how racy Gossip Girl was, there were some sex scenes that didn't make the. He later tells Serena he did so as a marketing move, and she believes him until she sees the email from Gossip Girl. She then uploads the page behind his back and when Nate finds out, he fires her. Meanwhile, Serena asks Tripp to explain his connection between the car being ordered and a Charlie Rhodes' ex, Max. 6 Nov Oh, Nate Archibald, you were a wonderful man, but just never the right guy for any of the girls you dated on Gossip Girl. At one point, our main man Nate had both Blair and Serena fighting over him, but in the end, he ended up flying solo. I totally .

There comes a point in the lifespan of a soap opera when the sexual interactions between characters reach a tipping point — or, the ideal conditions for contagious diseases — and almost everyone has slept with almost everyone else. After four seasons ofKelly had slept with Steve, Brandon, and Dylan.

After they spend a day arguing, Nate goes with Jenny and Chuck to an art party in Brooklyn. He sees Tripp there and punches him in the face before telling him not to go near Serena again. Despite some explanations from Lily, both Serena and Chuck are vigilant in confronting Lily with their leverage. This reunites the two, who begin to be happy with each other again.

On Gossip Girlwhich thankfully returned last nightthe bed-hopping is the most intense of all. Nate's slept with Blair, Vanessa, and Serena; Vanessa's slept with Nate, Dan, and Chuck; Serena's slept with Dan and Nate; and so on and so forth, and that's not even including all of the partners the gang has banged outside of their immediate social circle.

Gossip Girl Serena And Nate Hookup

So, as a way of saying welcome back — and we're looking forward to a season that includes just as much, if not more, fluid swapping than ever before! The "S" after each entry indicate which season s the dalliance occurred in. Real life connections solid line: Miller wants you to know she also got married.

Gossip Girl Serena And Nate Hookup

Beneath its superficially progressive appearance, Star Trek: See more remains too wedded to the past.

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Chuck tried to rape Jenny in the pilot. Two seasons later, feeling low, he took her virginity. S2 Chuck and BlairGossip Girl 's super-couple.

What could she be hiding? On the way back, they get into a car accident and upon discovering her head injury, Tripp abandons the scene. She asks her to pass along a message to Nate but she doesn't, as she wants Nate for herself The Unblairable Lightness of Being.

S Jenny has crushed here Nate with increasing ferocity, but it's never progressed past kisses, which Nate usually intends for Serena anyway.

S Serena and Lonely Boy have been on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off, and on and on and on and on. S Blair and Nate were the high school golden couple, but never had the same passion for one another they reserved for Chuck and Serena, respectively. S3 Nate lost his virginity to Serena before the show began, but it took the pair two seasons make it temporarily official.

S Vanessa and Nate had a sweet Manhattan-Brooklyn romance, before the writers decided it was time Blair got Nate back. S1,2 This Asian chick couldn't get a lovelorn Chuck to, ahem, rise to occasion. S4 How many girls does it take to forget Blair Waldorf? Sadly for Chuck, more than three topless ones on a Hamptons beach. S2 After sleeping with Elle at an Eyes Wide Shut sex party he barely remembered, Chuck fleetingly became convinced she was the one.

Nate–Serena relationship

S2 Mourning his father, Chuck took solace in two hookers. S2 Owing to Blair's manipulation, Chuck kissed Josh Ellis —by his own admission, not the only dude he's smooched. S2 If Chuck couldn't have Blair, who broke up with him after he tried to pimp her out to his uncle, he'd have this random chick.

S1 Chuck tried to get over some Blair-caused erectile dysfunction with this young ladyto no avail.

Chuck and Serena

S2 Fresh off almost raping Jenny Humphrey in the pilot, Chuck recovered by shagging two of his father's hotel employees. S3 Georgina Sparks probably gave Dan a blow job all the way back in season 1. Two years later, after some casual screwing, they have a son maybe. S1, 3 When Dan got hot for teacher, that teacher was Ms. S2 In the summer between season's one and two, Dan hung around with Jeremiah Harris and slutted it up with lit-girls like this.

S2 Blair accused Serena of smooching Cristiano Ronaldo over summer vacation, and we believe her. S3 Aaron Rose was a wispy bearded artist with monogamy issues, so, of course, it took Serena multiple episodes to realize he was the worst.

S2 When Serena said "I killed someone," she was talking about Peterwhom she hooked up with on a hidden camera before he OD'd. S2 Nate seriously dated familial enemy Bree Buckleyuntil he realized she's only with him to get revenge on Carter Baizen. S3 With the help of Chuck's little black book, Nate had quite a summer. This girl at least got treated to brunch, too. While at Yale, Nate sampled the goods in the form of one Jordan Steele. S2 Nate's strategy for getting over Serena: Later, she almost prostituted herself to him on Chuck's behalf.

S2,3 On a dare from Jenny Humphrey, Blair made out with click at this page random dude at a bar. S1 Eric and his largely drama-free boyfriend Jonathan dated until Eric's Jenny-rage caused them to break up.

S2,3 Eric's most recent fella, Elliotis, dangerously, a bisexual. S3 Asher Hornsby secretly dated Eric before publicly dating Jenny. In the immortal Gossip Girl Serena And Nate Hookup of Gossip Gossip Girl Serena And Nate Hookup The sun will come out tomorrow, even though your boyfriend did today. A later relationship bloomed a few years after he was Blair's self-destructive bad habit S1, S3 As a new college Freshman, Dan landed himself movie-star girlfriend Olivia Burke.

The pair broke up after a threesome with Vanessa made Dan realize his heart belonged to V. Most Watched on Vulture. Latest News from Vulture 1: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The Assassination of Gianni Versace Recap: But we noticed you're visiting us with an ad blocker.