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Why men don´t want to have sex anymore

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23 Sep These aren't men with erection problems, these are men who aren't interested in getting one. There is good news though: his low libido often has nothing to do with him not loving you or finding you attractive. Secondly, the infidelity rate of men in sexless marriages is no higher than the national average of. Another huge libido stealer for men is pornography. The more men are into pornography, the less they are into sex in real life. Porn trains the brain to be aroused by the image, not the relationship. If your husband is into pornography, get help. Talk to a pastor. Talk to a mentor. Visit Porn is not. 23 Mar When men are passionately involved with their careers, they can sublimate sexual excitement that would normally be directed toward their wives. The accolades, money and ego boost from being regularly praised, or promoted, can be a turn-on. Resolution: Be interested in the details of his career so you.

When I analyzed this data about why men stop having sexthe results shocked me.

You shutting this guy down may be why some people can't wrap their mind around this problem. Already have an account? If a man has to constantly invest a tonne of time and effort into sex then he might naturally gravitate toward this. And the most common complaint? I know there is a deeper issue with him.

What I'm about to tell you is the story of how the brain's inherent biases cause people to misunderstand the reasons why their partner is not sleeping with them. There are as many men who suffer from diminished libido as there are women.

It's not all tied to hormones—they're just a small part of what might be suppressing a man's desire. Here are the reasons men state they stopped having sex. But the main reasons why men do not want sex with their partner follow. Privacy Policy About Us. The bottom line is: Men generally do want sex, according to the book's authors. What read article means is that if you have a partner whose desire is diminished, it's best to start talking and listening.

Bob went on to explain, "They were also more likely to identify as bored, on medication, and depressed and to believe their spouses were unfaithful.

Men Who Are Not Interested In Sex

They reported slightly less sexual dysfunction, perhaps indicating that they weren't as fearful of competing in the world of single men. Look at the data.

Men Who Are Not Interested In Sex

When you compare what she thinks the issues are compared to what he revealsthe big disconnect comes from these key areas:. The reasons women and men stop wanting their partners are rooted in boredom.

Lack of passion can be reversed. The same steps that work in my Revive Her Drive system work for him:. Knowledge is power inside and outside the bedroom.

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If you are no longer attracted to your partner, or if you suspect that your partner is no longer attracted to you, you can start with listening—and follow these steps. This is a solvable problem.

Why Doesn't My Man Want to Have SEX? (Listen Up Ladies #25)

The researchers did not take into account issues such as sexual abuse or the shame that comes from religious or familial repression. If this is your situation, a YourTango sexual therapist could provide breakthrough support for you.

Susan Bratton is an advocate for men and women who want more passion and intimacy. If you want to learn how to do the above steps, here is a link to learn more. Already have an account? By signing up, you confirm that you accept our terms of use and privacy policy. Don't have an account yet? By logging in, you confirm that you accept our terms of use and privacy policy.

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The same steps that work in my Revive Her This web page system work for him: Get your polarity back at least in the bedroom.

When Your Husband Isn't Interested in Sex

Return to romance remember why you fell in love. Reawaken your sensual selves get out of your heads and into your body sensations. Begin to seduce each other again move toward pleasure together.

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Ask for your own orgasm and potentially the lack of pressure will allow his natural response. Of all the hidden sexual secrets that couples carry, one of the most painful is this reversal of sexual stereotypes. The reason is simple: I, and many other married women I know, are very clear about what we want. How could so many healthy men be so disinterested in sex?

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