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17 Dec What dating is really like in college. I'll do the hook-up thing for a while, get tired of it, get a girlfriend, get tired of being a relationship, and then do the hook- up thing again. My biggest issue with dating has been finding a relationship where both people are on the same page and want the same thing. My opinion is YES, reason being If you're in committed relationship, then why the hell you be looking for someone else? And then lie What would you think if you found hundreds of emails from various online dating sites in her email? . Maybe his friends don't like you and created an online profile for him to find a new gf. Yes. There's a good chance that she's cheating. When someone is in a relationship and the couple thinks of themselves as GF/BF then in my experience, dating sites tend to go inactive. Many couples hide - if not delete their online dating profiles.

Girlfriend met a guy on dating site. This isn't settling well with me. June 14, What should I do? A few weeks ago my girlfriend, who is lonely, made an OKCupid profile initially to "laugh at sexist idiots" on there. Eventually she filled out her profile info and answered a ton of compatibility quizzes to get matched up to people like herself.

The same day she did the quizzes, she got contacted My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site, I believe, three men who were interested in meeting her; she chose to meet one of them—on the same day he messaged her.

After meeting up with the guy she admitted to me that she had signed up to a dating site and had met a guy off it. Upon learning this I was pissed beyond measure and told her what she did might have screwed our relationship up.

She quickly retorted by telling me that in her profile she had listed her relationship status as "Taken", hadn't article source a photo of herself up which, she thinks, would prevent horny guys interested solely in sex from wanting to meet up with her.

These things reassured me.

My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site

But, despite this, I decided to suggest to her that, while with me, next time she feels like meeting people from online in the flesh to do it using non-dating sites. She then felt bad about what she had done and deleted her dating profile. The guy she met, however, is still spending here time—with her; and this is troubling me.

He texts my girlfriend all the time and meets up alone with her about twice a week for many hours at a time. Had this guy been from a non-dating site, I wouldn't be so paranoid right now—though I don't have much experience with platonic opposite sex friendships I believe they're possible—but the fact that he had used a dating site to make "friends" is too suspicious for my liking; I'd never heard of a thing before.

Additional things which make me suspicious are how he's far older than my girlfriend and is an extrovert while my girlfriend is beyond introverted and My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site ever utters a peep while in the presence of others.

All I really know about him so far is that he's in a long-distance open relationship, often boasts about how intelligent he is and is extroverted.

Perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but I fear it's only a matter of time he'll try to make a move on her. I, and many other people I've known, have in the past been replaced by lovers; I fucking fear it happening to me again. I don't know if I'd be able to cope with it again. I'm able to cope with breakups, but being cheated source or replaced isn't something a man as sensitive as myself can cope with.

A part of me wants to be a controlling prick and tell her "This has me feeling uneasy. I'd prefer if you'd cease contact with this fellow as I can't be assured that he won't try getting into your pants. I don't know what to do.

I wish I could have peace of My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site, but whenever I'm reminded of this guy—which is all the time—I feel paranoia, rage and need alone time. What would you do if you were me? I understand that you don't know neither my girlfriend nor the dude she's hangout out with.

My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site

But do you think I've much to worry about? Being lonely, she signed up for a dating site to "laugh at sexist idiots"? She admitted to meeting someone off a dating site that she hadn't told you about doing before? However, saying, "I'm uncomfortable with you having a profile on a dating site where you're quickly making friends of the opposite gender" sounds pretty appropriate to me.

Balance the good of the relationship off with the pain you are feeling. If you are feeling more pain than good, there is no reason to continue.

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You are not being paranoid. Your girlfriend is not being genuine with you, or possibly even herself. Are you and your girlfriend exclusive or in an open relationship? If exclusive then there's nothing controlling at all about saying "I don't want you dating other people while you're dating me.

If your girlfriend cheats or breaks up or whatever else, it's her doing it, not him. Nobody's leading her astray. No, sorry, this is probably My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site true. I want you to be reassured about one thing. You can cope with a bad relationship.

You have the tools and you've done it before, so don't worry about that. Make your decision on what is in your best interests. It is not controlling to say me or him. You have a right to be in a relationship that provides you with what you want. If what you want is monoagamy, you have the right to seek out that type of relationship and end relationships that don't provide you with that.

Your girlfriend is dating more than one person. You want to be exclusive, she does not seem to want to be. Ask her if she wants to be exclusive. If not and if this is a deal breaker for you,which it seems to be, break up.

I would end article source relationship. If I were you, I would have dumped her by now.

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She's either being super manipulative as a bid for attention and who knows what else. Or she has one foot out the door already and is looking for a replacement before moving on.

If she's straight and was only looking for men and wasn't clear about what she was looking for, then I'd be concerned. I would use this opportunity to think long and hard about what your future might be with this gal and if it isn't long term and rosy, adios. Ask a guy who ate three 7" Pizza with Pepsi anything?

You have every right to be suspicious. I actually am impressed by how level headed you are being. I don't trust either of them in these circumstances. What you need to realize is that if they fuck, that's her decision.


She's not controlled by this guy's wants. Whether he makes a move is not your problem; what your girlfriend does is your problem. You need to decide how patient you can be and how much discomfort you can live with. And how badly you want this relationship to continue.

That determines whether or when it becomes ultimatum time, I think.

How is your relationship other than this? Is it on the rocks? It may already be over and you just don't know it yet.

This might be true, I suppose, but I'm more likely to believe it if she had told you before she did it, rather than after she had to explain the fact that she's essentially dating someone else.

Is this also "to laugh at sexist idiots"? She signed up for a dating site, then she went out on a date. If this were on the up and up, she'd have told you, at the very latest, before she met up with the guy.

There is no way I'd be okay with any of continue reading. Sorry OP, but I think she's either cheating or planning to do so.

I've never cheated on anyone but I have My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site couple of girlfriends who used to be serial cheaters and they would always line up the next guy before cutting the current one loose in just this kind of manner. If your gf is lonely, there are sooooo many other ways to meet people than going on a dating site and taking a bunch of romantic compatibility quizzes.

It looks like she didn't tell you any of this until after she already met up with the other guy. If she was just looking to meet people, why not tell you? Listing herself as "taken" seems weird to me, but a what do I know and b obviously it doesn't seem like that much of a deterrent. I don't think it's controlling to say "him or me. Like others said, you will survive this, and if she's cheating, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Look at it from this angle: She met up with a random stranger without telling you, her SO, presumably a person she is quite close with. There is no way I would meet up with a random stranger--even for friend purposes! That she didn't share that with you suggests she was intentionally trying to hide it from you. Perhaps because she knows that it's not really on the up and up.

Besides the whole trust issue, setting up a dating profile to laugh at people is pretty mean and immature. In what way, and do you know for what reasons? I don't think we can tell that from what you have posted. If you dined as regularly as I do on so many similar states of lovers' despond, you too would develop a healthy cynicism for what's often erroneously described as the "reality" of the situation.

Why are you phrasing it this way - that it is the guy who is spending time with her? She is spending significant time with him. Your girlfriend is dating another guy. To describe it any other way is ridiculous. I am a married woman who has used OK Cupid to make friends. People actually do this, for what it's worth. If someone is on a dating website, the default presumption of the users is that they are there for dating, so, 2.

The 'Taken' status may mean any number of things, such as 'open', or 'soon to be single', 3. Even if her story is completely as she says it isto laugh at the sexist idiots, she is playing a very dangerous game. Dangerous for her, dangerous for you. The guy on the outside likely has the expectation of dating your girlfriend -- which is a quite reasonable click here given 1. He might already think he is dating her.

My Girlfriend Joined A Hookup Site not controlling to say 'him or me'.