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Single Dad Seeking

7 May We talk with "Single Dad Seeking" dads Paul, Mike and Jason to talk about TLC's new docuseries, what motivated them take part and what their kids thought. I mean, I think there is a reality TV construct for sure, but what transpired inside of that construct was absolutely genuine. So, it's real emotions and. 15 Jan This reality show focuses on single parents and their dating lives. Single Dad These single dads and women have dated via phone calls, video chat, text and email and think they've found a match. But none of A destination online, TLC. com offers in-depth fan sites and exclusive original video content. Valene Cristina From TLC. K likes. Valene Cristina Vasquez was born in Red Bank, N.J. and grew up in Colts Neck, N.J.

And love them, too. He is a public defender with an edge who loves metal music, art and reading. Jason is looking for a connection with Sara, a video game tester, who is originally from Connecticut. He works as a roofer and resides in Orlando with his son Mikey. Mike is hoping that he will find that special someone in Valene.

Reality Show About Single Dads Hookup Sites

She is originally from New Jersey and has always wanted to have at least one child. He works in retail to support his four children.

Paul is hopeful things will article source out with Kallie. She was born and raised in North Carolina and is one of triplets. John — Fishers, Indiana John was born and raised in Kentucky where his family still lives. He works as a mechanical engineer and loves motorcycles and weight lifting. He currently lives in Indiana with his son Elijah. John is hoping that Denise, a nurse and equally enthusiastic fitness fanatic, is the perfect match.

Jake — Provo, Utah Jake was born and raised in Utah along with his 12 brothers and sisters. He has three children and works in construction. We sat down with Paul, Mike and Jason earlier this year to talk about what motivated them take part in this unique social experiment, what their kids thought of the process and more. Can you start by each giving me a sort of CliffNotes version of your experience as a single dad?

Just from being the sole parent, the bond just seems to be so much stronger. It makes every hard obstacle in our way that much worth it. What is your co-parenting situation like? We actually co-parent pretty well, as far as arrangements for holidays or summers and things like that.

I would say me and my ex work well with the kids. And then as soon as I mentioned I have four kids, that was the end of the conversation. I threw it away for like a week, but I got another one and they just kept on. And it seemed like an answer to my situation.

Then, through the process, I got to know the producers. There has to be someone out there Reality Show About Single Dads Hookup Sites out for the five of us, because the hardest thing to do is date with a child.

Single Dads Look for Love on New TLC Show “Single Dad Seeking”

It gets lonely laying down night by yourself. They go to bed early and you still got the next three, four hours by yourself. The relationships are real. I mean, I think there is a reality TV construct for sure, but what transpired inside of that construct was absolutely genuine.

Because once the cameras are gone you still have your life to live. It was loosely open to us. They gave us some options through the matchmaker: Then we did the video chat and everything like that.

New Stepmom For Mikey?

They also wanted to capture our real experiences, too, so, it was kind of a give-and-take. Because I talked to a couple of them, and in talking to both of them, there was an instant connection. A lot of it was personality, interests and things of that nature. I was like, wait, you like horror movies? She was a real person. It allowed a much deeper connection to occur right out of the gate. Plus, how hard it is for us to even do that on our own, with the kids, you know?

Did you have family discussions with your kids before you actually said Reality Show About Single Dads Hookup Sites to this?

Yeah, we were all similar with that. Like, I eased my son into it slowly. He was more excited almost than I was.

My kids were probably the oldest of the group, they were teenagers, so we just had an honest conversation about everything, and talked about it, and talk about whether or not we wanted to do this. We all decided that we did. I felt like everything continue reading handled with care, and they definitely had a say in it because of their age. They were part of it. It was almost identical, according to the age group.

Absolutely, and I definitely experienced that. They also understood that going into this, that the children Reality Show About Single Dads Hookup Sites first, before any of the show stuff. Tell me about the first you met these women. Like, what if she gets here and I feel nothing? I was ecstatic, actually, when I met her. It was a wonderful moment. I was super nervous for the day I met Valene, I was more nervous than I probably have been since the day my son was born.

Once he came in, I stuttered a little bit, and I was sweating a lot. It was a great feeling. Just talking to her, she goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable.

That was a big help for me, because I can be a little awkward sometimes. Meeting is still awkward no matter what. That was where our chemistry came from — how open she is and helpful, as far as trying to make it work.

Reality Show About Single Dads Hookup Sites

For me, I think just seeing how well it worked — and not only from our standpoint, but as far as everybody who made this show possible, the steps that they took and how thorough they were.

Http:// made it just that much easier. God has a sense of humor.

Scott Disick, 34, shops for jewelry ahead of Valentine's Day with year-old girlfriend Richie Smitten 'At first we suspected a fallen tree': She is originally from New Jersey and has always wanted to have at least one child. Saw a rerun and was hooked. That is what I believe my kids want for me and that is what I believe myLovelyParent.

He really likes seeing me eat crow. Just the way this came about was an amazing opportunity for me and my family. I think this is a good thing, not just for myself, but my kids also. It is really obvious. I would like to know why? The Stanley Sisters follows black-sheep Mellie and her sisters Nettie, the volatile mother hen, and quiet, calm and comical Laura plus their high-maintenance, fashion-obsessed cousin Kayla as they deal with two family crises that test the boundaries of their gypsy beliefs and iron-clad family bonds.

Further bucking the strict […]. In the one-hour special airing Dec. About Lori Acken Articles.

Single Dad Seeking

Lori just hasn't been the same since "thirtysomething" and "Northern Exposure" went off the air. December 25, Kellie Freeze Preview 9.

They go to bed early and you still got the next three, four hours by yourself. The website founder said he wanted to make online dating more easier and fun for his mother's generation. The mother-of-four from Cornwall said:

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