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2 Jun I have no one to play with on weekends. Nothing excites me. Life is boring. I don't get enough love, attention and approval from friends and relatives. I don't get enough sex. None of these situations is a real cause of inner emptiness. What do you usually do to try to fill the inner emptiness? Do you try to fill. 4 Jun 10 Signs You Are Using Relationships to Fill a Spiritual Void. All you need is love . I am a firm believer this is the truth, the only problem is some people tend to believe that love has to be a romantic love. I believe whole heartedly love is the essence of life, and it should be unconditional and un-bias. But the corporeal ecstasies of sex will inevitably give way to deep valleys if it's sex with someone you wouldn't otherwise spend time with. Because when your interactions with women are exclusively based on flirting and sex, then you're left with a bottomless void as soon as the sex part is over. Then, rather.

Although sex is an undeniably important expression of intimacy in any relationship, it seems to have become an unhealthy measure of personal validation for you. If sex is your primary mode of escaping the negative feelings in your life, here are five ways to cope and transform your relationship with sex. Want to start a local lair? You can search for a therapist who specialises in anxiety. Above all else, I want to be authentic.

All you need is love. I am a firm believer this is the truth, the only problem is some people tend to believe that love has to be a romantic love. I believe wholeheartedly love is the essence of life, and it should be unconditional and without bias. That it is, in my opinion, click sunshine of the spirit.

But nobody is perfect, especially myself, and our human nature is to desire the love and comfort of a companion.

Using Sex To Fill A Void

Our minds seek stimulation, joy, and purpose from relationships, and we sometimes use romantic relationships to meet our need for love, especially in recovery.

These may be an important 10 signs you are using relationships to fill a spiritual void.

Using Sex To Fill A Void

If you are unhappy in life then odds are there is a spiritual void in some area or another that is not being addressed. If you find yourself stressed, anxious, or unhappy whenever you are not with the person you are involved with romantically, it means that you are not independently content. We like to feel attractive, admired, and interesting to those we get intimately attached to.

But if you require the approval and compliments of someone else to validate your worth, it is probably safe to say you should be looking for a spiritual value in life, because we should not need others to tell us how beautiful we are.

By doing this you are trying to fill the spiritual void by seeking new mates instead of seeking spiritual growth.

Remember, you have been running away from your emotions and now is the time to heal and conquer. Soon, the emptiness is back and you are looking for someone or something to temporarily fill up the black hole. I hope you figure it all out this stuff is so hard. If we choose to not face the void, find its origin and heal it, then we will most likely fill the void with all the wrong things i.

The need for variety being filled with spontaneous relationships can be very unhealthy. Love hurts, but we need to know the difference between getting hurt and letting it hurt us over and over.

Sex and Emptiness and What to do about it. : seduction

When we are in need of a spiritual solution and are trying to use a relationship as a substitute, we often allow for all types of bad treatment. All types physical, emotional, or verbal abuse can happen and we accept it because we are spiritually sick, and put up with more than our share of toxic relationships.

How do I stop using sex for validation?

When you find yourself walking on egg shells, ignoring your values, or bending over backwards to keep someone in your life romantically, it is pretty clear that you are far too dependen t on their role in your life. If you put in the effort to grow spiritually that you put into keeping someone else happy, you would will probably be placed in a relationship that requires no hassle.

There is a difference between compromise and codependent. If you are at a point in your relationship where you are trying to control everything that goes on, you are exhibiting signs that you are losing you grip on spirituality. We must let love in organically.

10 Signs You Are Using Relationships to Fill a Spiritual Void

In my opinion there really is no love without trust. When anxiety and fear overshadow love and trust, the spiritual void is exposed and the love cannot be nurtured.

It is a sad and lonely feeling when an intimate relationship dissolves, whatever the reason may be. It is natural to be vulnerable and hurt when a romantic relationship comes to an end, especially if you are not the one ending it. However, spiritual fitness and fulfillment can lift us through this process.

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