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Ask E. Jean: Could My Ex Post Our Sex Tape?

sex tapes. Never in the history of man has anyone ever said, “You know what would solve all of my problems? A sex tape.” Sex tapes are something you make when you're If you really have to upload it onto the internet, don't use your real name, as it will easily be linked back to you if anyone happens to Google you. Best sites for selling sex tapes and selling sex videos online. Here is the list of absolute best websites where you can post your sex videos and make money. iWantClips: (Highly Recommended) This is my absolute favorite. Why, because they are the market leader. They have the best traffic which converts a lot. Also with. 28 Jul Dear E. Jean: In I made a sex tape with my boyfriend at the time. The affair ended badly. We've not been on civil terms since—in fact, we're not speaking. Now, with a more sensible head on my shoulders, I'm applying to be an elementary school teacher. If I were establishing a career in any other field.

Getting started is quick and easy. Getting started is easy. The most time consuming part is waiting for the verification process.

In an age of overexposure, isn't keeping something private the dirtiest thing you can do? This image was lost some time after publication. Tell us what you think. Replied in the wrong place, but oh well. How to Leave Your Husband.

How long it takes to get verified will vary from network to network. Please note, that anyone else performing with you in any productions will have to get verified as well. Here are some sites for can sell your sex tapes on.

My Sex Tape!

You can either choose which one you like best, or start selling on all the sites to make even more money. AmateurCommunity — AmateurCommunity is much more than just a site for selling adult videos on. You can also get paid from selling photo sets, from live camming, writing in your diaries which costs customers to view and from using their Hello Machine to message other users and get paid for every response.

Tons of ways to earn on this site.

Where Can I Upload My Sex Tape

ExtraLunchMoney — A site for selling a wide range of services. In addition to selling your sex tapes, you can get paid to text and create your own custom jobs to sell just about anything.

10 Sites That Pay for Your Video

Very innovative network with lots to offer. ManyVids — A site that specialises in video sales. In addition to video sales, performers can sell a wide range of services. Very clean navigation and interface and a lot to offer. YouKandy — YouKandy calls the network the adult social network.

Where Can I Upload My Sex Tape

YouKany lets you sell you adult photo and video sets, get paid for live camming and sell access to premium messaging apps like Snapchat. Sites For Selling Adult Videos.

How to publish your own sex tape — 3 easy rules

Computer — To upload the content from. Internet Connection — To access the sites and upload content.

Content To Upload — You need the sex tapes to upload to the sites. Replied in the wrong place, but oh well. Even if you remove it from the site you originally uploaded it to, it could be on other websites as well, and good luck scrubbing through all of those.

Content To Upload — You need the sex tapes to upload to the sites. Your real identity is always kept private. How Do I Get Started? Search From The Blog: Earn Residual With OnlyFans!