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The Real L Word

"The Real L Word" recap: Episode — "I wasn’t expecting this" - AfterEllen

The Real L Word is an American reality television series aired on the cable station Showtime, where it premiered on June 20, The show was created by executive producer Ilene Chaiken and Magical Elves Productions, following the success of the television drama The L Word also created by Chaiken. The Real L. 10 Aug Previously on The Real L Word, the members of Hunter Valentine clambered out of their van, exhausted and bedraggled from playing shows – and having epic shouting Romi ended her relationship with the ever chuckling Jay and ran back into the arms of her ready and willing ex-girlfriend Kelsey. 14 Dec Whitney Mixter & Sada Bettencourt. Photo: Instagram. Whitney is where the Real L Word started and ended. Following the series' finale in which Whit married Sara , the year-old ditched her dreads and moved to San Francisco to pursue a job as a realtor for Zopa Realty Group. Mixter also maintains her.

It sort of feels like pushing about a dozen tattooed, pierced baby birds with varying abilities to fend for themselves out of the nest. Before we get to the recap allow me to offer a massive kudos to the cast for garnering an accolade in the form of a Tweet from one Ms. Coming out stories are our stories, and they sharing them can often help others feel less alone. There's a reason TV and movies still tell coming out stories.

We open with a montage of the lesbian getting-ready-to-go-out ritual beginning with popping the vinyl — as in retro vinyl record, not an outfit - on the turntable, shaving the legs, clasping the leather bracelet, blow drying the short hair, you know the drill Everyone loves to get flowers. That's an unwritten fact of life well, unwritten until now. Make her day, and send her some of her favorite flowers. Bonus points for knowing if she's got a special flower she loves.

What is it with Whitney? Is she getting too lazy to go read article and find new ladies? She just keeps rotating through a repository of women. Get to know other people under the umbrella and learn about their lives and personal struggles.

It makes us all stronger in the end. A queer classic, midnight showings of Rocky were once one of the only places, besides bars, where LGBTQ people could go to feel safe and accepted. Bonus points if you show up in costume! We get a double dose of LAX out of the gate this week. Is it the TSA pat downs? The bathroom stall foot tapping? The rude-ass attendants at the gates? The loss of luggage?

One way to get around mainstream media is to make it yourself, something queer people have been doing for decades! Brava to Rachel for taking the step to feel better. The gals are having a hell of a good time playing with the dildo and squirting something out of it all over their apartment.

Do you like to hike, read, knit with like-minded people? There are queer meet-ups for all of these things, and that's a beautiful article source Carol may not have won any Oscars, but it won our hearts.

Who Is Romi From The Real L Word Hookup simple love story based on Patricia Highsmith's groundbreaking novel The Price of Saltis a love story for the ages, and with a happy ending. We can't say enough about it. Of course conserving water has absolutely nothing to do with them hopping in the shower together but a little environmentalism thrown in the mix could have been nice.

Ellen Page is an Oscar-nominated actress, a producer, an activist, and a wildly entertaining social media figure.

Do yourself a favor and add her to your Instagram feed. The pics of her with adorable puppies never get old.

Who Is Romi From The Real L Word Hookup

Still, there are other causes that still need attention. Women continue to fight for equal rights all over the world, poor people are under-represented, BlackLivesMatter must exist because of the continual inequality when it comes to race. Let's all fight for each other!

'L-Word' cast member defends dating man

A girl knows where she stands with Saj. Like her charming suitor Chanel can't hold back either. What happened to the Real L Word? It is just so disappointing when these girls act like adults.

It's a big year with the Presidential election looming, but don't wait for the general election to make your voice heard. Get into the voting booth for the primaries and for local elections. Today's mayors and city council people are tomorrow's national leaders.

Back to Francine and her mom… Francine is now at her house gearing up to rip off the Band Aid — as it were. But they are even better when you're supporting queer business and other women.

It's just about the queerest place on earth located at the tip of Cape Cod. P-Town should be on everyone's bucket list, but for a shot of extra Sapphic fun, head to P-Town during women's week in October. The week brims with special events, parties, and comedy clubs chock-full of the hottest lesbian comics.

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Congrats to Francine and her mom for crossing this bridge, but there is still the how to tell daddy factor to overcome. Sure, email and texting are wonderful modern ways to communicate, but there really is nothing like the act here physically opening a letter, unfolding the pages and reading words of love hand-written by someone you love.

Handwriting a letter is a deeply personal and lasting way to communicate and also a wonderful gift to the person you love. It's not always clear if someone is into you or not, but if you have a reasonable expectation that she might like you, then why not take a risk and ask her out?

The worst that can happen is that she might turn you down.

Who Is Romi From The Real L Word Hookup

But what if you she doesn't? What if you never took the chance? Lesbian pulp novels of the '50s were lurid and trashy and the lesbian character almost always ended up in a mental institution, back with men, or dead. Yes, that's super sad and awful, but it's also a part of our history, and plenty of pulp novelists, who were lesbians, found ways to sneak in little Easter eggs for the lesbian readers and not just for the straight guys who got into the genre.

Swimming nude feels great, especially if you do it with abandon with a bunch of other women. This is a highly recommended activity. Just don't do it where you could get arrested or be very, very careful! Pants and Pumps day has arrived and the gals are all heading to a house Whit rented so that all of the ex girlfriends, ex hook-ups, ex tricks, ex roomies and so on can be awkwardly in competition in the same place.

She also looks uncannily like an adorable boyish Ms. Emily Blunt, visit web page one reasaon I've developed a bit of a soft spot for Kelsey.

Once that one-match fire is lit, it's time to build the perfect s'more. This, of course, depends on roasting that marshmallow so that it's not too firm and not too mushy. She also gets props for delivering what is arguably the most mischievous line of the season, one that could be the lesbian mantra.

When you attach fundraising to a challenge like a run, a walk, or a bike ride, and then participate in Who Is Romi From The Real L Word Hookup event with hundreds, maybe thousands, of like-minded people, it's a really mind-blowing feeling. Being a piece of something bigger than you is a wonderful feeling. Either way, the girl has a penchant for enticing hot women to roll around half nude in disgusting shit.

Last Halloween the One Archives hosted the lesbian feminist haunted house Killjoy's Kastle in West Hollywood, but the archives is a great spot to spend an afternoon poking around. I keep waiting for the neighborhood patrol to turn up but they just finish their business and head back to the party.

Others have followed in Gertrude Stein and Alice B.


Toklas's footsteps on literary to visits to Paris, as typified by this one writer's blog. If you've never been to a women's go here festival, it truly is a blast to shop artisan crafts, and eat hummus and tempeh in what's probably a chem-free zone while women in song waft over the loudspeakers.

Also, an all-female dance pit is a thing to behold. While I thought the season would end with one big chocolate sauce RLW bikini pig pile we move on to sew up the season in neat little snippets. And congratulations are in order to Romi for laying off the sauce and kickstarting a business this season.

Not for nothing- Riese, your recaps WERE fun and funny and I was proud of you for facing your reality show fear and getting in there and witnessing the human condition insofar as it extends to fame-hungry, megalomaniacs, But I digress. I can usually embrace the crude caricatures present on reality tv- and I have a ton of reality shows that I absolutely love. Being a piece of something bigger than you is a wonderful feeling.

Have you ever hung out in Brooklyn? Mix it up a little and check out the Who Is Romi From The Real L Word Hookup shops and bars over the Brooklyn Bridge, which also happens to be a pretty great lesbian mecca. Fingers crossed that this one takes for them. Chanel is off on her yearly trip to Jamaica with Saj in tow. How hot would it be to take your girl's hand on a crowded dance floor and swing and dip her until the whole crowd noticed?

Learning to ballroom dance in general is pretty sexy, but your girl is going to love it when you take the reins. Whitney has apparently sent Jaq packing back to San Francisco so she can profess her everlasting love to Sara. Strap on a pair of boots and link a strong woman on a hog at Pride. Like, that's a slam-dunk, right?

And with that sentiment the sun sets on another season of madcap lesbian love and life as envisioned by The Magical Elves. Does Queer Love Actually Exist? These Creatures Are Totally Queer. Let's Talk Pop Culture. The happiest place on earth is even happier when it's super gay! Latest Videos on Pride. Single and Queer on Valentine's Day? Here's How to Actually Enjoy It.

After finding the perfect location for her client, she races off to receive an award from the Chamber of Commerce. And who knew Niki liked Tegan and Sara so much? Claire turned down an internship because, hello? That is until Romi joins the party and deals Whitney the shocker of the season. Natalie is in a relationship.